Robots to
the Rescue

The “Robots to the Rescue” student design
challenge from PTC for FIRST® Robotics!

In May, we held our first Robots to the Rescue student design challenge! This Online competition brought FIRST teams together on the Onshape platform to design robots that solved a world problem. Watch the recording of our live awards ceremony in case you missed it.

Robots to the Rescue 2020 Winners

1st Place

Team R-Factor (FRC #6024) came in first place in the competition with this robot designed to identify and repair potholes on roads in real time.

Check out their Onshape Document!

2nd Place

The Purple Gears (FTC #2901) created the "MUVER (Mobile Ultraviolet Viral Eradication Robots)," which can be controlled with a phone app and travel to different locations in a facility to decontaminate medical equipment with UV lights.

Check out their Onshape document!

3rd Place

Miss Daisy (FRC #341) came in third place with the "Zoomba" robot that cleans and replenishes animal bedding in zoos to prevent spreading of disease.

Check out their Onshape document!

Finalists and Superlative Winners

Finalist - 4th Place Cubix(FTC #8221) Unavailable
Finalist - 5th Place Apple Pi (FRC#2067) Link
Finalist - 6th Place Bi/ytes (FTC #086) Link
Finalist - 7th Place perSEVERE (FRC #5962) Link
Finalist - 8th Place Seven Xmachine (FTC #17801) Link
Woodie Flowers Most Unique Design Big Red Robotics (FTC #11166) Link
FIRST Submission CougarBotics (FTC #7519) Link
Darn Good Documentation G-Force (FTC #2142) Link
Amazing Alliance perSEVERE (FRC #5962) Link
Amazing Alliance Big Bad Bob (FRC #319) Link
Amazing Alliance The Lakerbots (FRC #8046) Link
Awesome Aesthetic The BeaverBots (FTC #13601) Link
Best Branding Team Greece 0001 (FTC #213) Link
Down to the Detail S.S. Prometheus (FRC #2992) Link
Onshape Expert Sushi Squad (FRC #7461) Link
Marvelous Modeling Under Control (FRC #1156) Link
FeatureScript Feat The MilkenKnights (FRC #1836) Link
Friendliest Robot Cyber Crusaders (FRC #272) Link