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Shorten Time-to-Market

Companies in the high-tech industry are under constant pressure to deliver innovative products faster than ever before. Increased product complexity, global competition, disruptive technologies, and rapid obsolescence force organizations to explore new ways to streamline product development processes, reduce costs, and shorten time-to-market.

Onshape is the only product development platform that enables teams of engineers and designers to work together in real-time for a true concurrent engineering workflow. Onshape’s unique cloud-native architecture ensures that all project stakeholders have instant access to the latest up-to-date design data on any device, whenever and wherever they need it.

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Personalize Products

Product variety, feature options and personalization are often the driving force behind many high-tech companies’ success. Engaging product experiences and high levels of customer satisfaction lead to brand loyalty, repeat business, greater market share, and a better understanding of customer needs for future product offerings.

Product definitions and structures are becoming increasingly more complicated. Onshape enables teams to explore design alternatives and product variations simultaneously and configure products on-the-fly to meet customer demands. Product data can be shared, reviewed and commented on by customers and accurate bills of materials ensure the right product is manufactured right the first time.

A 5G wireless router in Onshape

Protect Intellectual Property

Keeping new product ideas under wraps, filing worldwide patents and getting to market first are key to protecting company revenues, brand loyalty, and above all, intellectual property. Distributed design and manufacturing teams and global supply chains require sensitive data to be transmitted outside of the company firewall, placing valuable intellectual property at risk. 

Onshape enforces strict security protocols, role-based access and secure sharing to protect your design data at all times. Employees, contractors and suppliers are granted sufficient permissions to complete their tasks without compromising security. No data ever leaves Onshape’s servers and access can be revoked at any time.

"Every single change is recorded in Onshape so it’s easy to have an instant ‘undo’ or to scroll back through anything you’ve done. Onshape gives us confidence that we always have the latest version and that everything is going to fit together as expected."

Jonathan Mizrahi
Director of Hardware, IonQ

"Getting accurate part information to our engineers, designers, management and the manufacturing vendor is crucial. Previously, out-of-sync information had led to incorrect parts being manufactured. Onshape now enables us to share information quickly and ensures that everything is as accurate and as up-to-date as possible. "

Owen Long
Engineering Ops Manager, Universal Logic

"Onshape lets us instantly share our CAD models with our partners so they can review them in real time. We just send them a link and they can view, turn and zoom in on any detail. Getting feedback is much quicker."

Rafal Pijewski
CTO, Actonika

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