Professional Onshape User Group

The Professional Onshape User Group provides a live online setting where you can improve your design skills, challenge your assumptions, network with industry peers, learn best practices, and socialize with new friends. User Groups are member-run and completely independent from Onshape, but do receive both educational and financial support. Some meetings may include an Onshape expert on the agenda, giving members the inside scoop on future developments and a chance to directly share their priorities. 

Onshape User Group meetings are held online. This gives you the opportunity to attend multiple meetings hosted by our User Group Advisory board members around the world.


Next Meeting:
Tuesday, June 28th
5:00pm CDT/6:00pm EDT

Hosted by Onshape Ambassador Bryan Lagrange, this meeting will features some very unique and unusual ways to use Onshape.

4:45pm - Meeting open for networking
5:00pm - Opening remarks
5:10pm - Various presenters show some interesting things
6:00pm - Closing, Q&A