Onshape User Group for Start-Ups

The Onshape User Group for Start-Ups is an online community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about using the Onshape platform to build successful businesses. This group is dedicated to helping start-up companies get the most out of Onshape by sharing best practices, tips and tricks for using the software, as well as discussing industry trends and challenges facing new businesses.

The group meets regularly online, and meetings feature presentations from guest speakers who share their experiences and insights on using Onshape in a start-up context, as well as open discussions where members can ask questions, share feedback, and network with one another.


Next Meeting:
Thursday, April 27th
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT

The kick-off meeting of the Onshape User Group for Start-Ups is hosted by Dan Kane and Michael Lafleche and features an opening message from Jon Hirschtick. You will also hear about agile product development, and there is a tips and tricks session to help sharpen your Onshape skills.

8:45am/11:45am - Meeting open for networking
9:00am/12:00pm - Opening remarks and introductions by Dan Kane
9:10am/12:10pm - Welcome message, Jon Hirschtick
9:20am/12:20pm - A Look at Agile Product Design, Michael Lafleche
9:40am/12:40pm - Onshape Tips and Tricks, Dan Kane
10:10am/1:10pm - Open discussion, Q&A, next meeting details