Student Onshape User Group

The Student Onshape User Group provides an opportunity for students to virtually connect with others who share a similar passion for engineering, CAD, and innovation. Members meet quarterly via Zoom to exchange ideas and tips, share and/or collaborate on projects, and learn from experienced Onshape users. The group is open to all levels of CAD experience, with a supportive and inclusive environment geared towards developing Onshape skills and knowledge. Join the Student Onshape User Group to stay up to date with the latest Onshape developments, expand your network, and unleash your creative potential.


Next Meeting:
Tuesday, April 11th
4:00pm PDT/7:00pm EDT

This meeting is hosted by Imants Smidchens and Lillian Gellings and features a look at speeding up engineering using modern design tools like Onshape, modern manufacturing methods like 3D Printing, and how to avoid premature optimization of products. A second session will focus on configurations.

3:45pm/6:45pm - Meeting open for networking
4:00pm/7:00pm - Opening remarks by Imants
4:10pm/7:10pm - Technical session - "Iterating Faster" -  Taking advantage of modern tools, Imants Smidchens
4:40pm/7:40pm - Technical session - Configuration Tips and Tricks, Lillian Gellings
5:10pm/8:10pm - Open discussion, next meeting topics, Q&A