New Design Processes Need New Design Tools

Today’s businesses need more speed and innovation in product design, and an agile design process is the answer – where innovation is accelerated by process and tools, rather than being stifled by them. Onshape is a new generation of CAD designed specifically for modern agile design teams. Onshape’s unique full-cloud architecture makes it the only CAD system in the world to provide:

  1. Enterprise-Grade CAD
  2. Real-Time Deployment and Access
  3. Real-Time Data Management
  4. Real-Time Analytics and Controls

Enterprise-Grade CAD

Design products faster with Onshape’s powerful toolsets, which include:

  1. Complete functionality to build complex parametric parts, assemblies, and production drawings.
  2. True multipart design capabilities allow parts to be built and edited together in fewer steps.
  3. Higher-level assembly mates result in assemblies that are easier to build, manage and edit.
  4. FeatureScript, the same programming language used by Onshape developers, enables users to create new custom features that look, feel, and behave just like built-in features.
  5. Cloud-integrated simulation, CAM and rendering tools – as well as content libraries – are available through the Onshape App Store.

Real-Time Deployment and Access

Get everyone working with the same CAD system and same CAD data, instantly:

  1. No downloads, installs or license codes. Just sign in and start designing.
  2. Access both your CAD system and CAD data from any computer, phone or tablet.
  3. Eliminate compatibility issues – all users run the same and latest software version.
  4. Instantly add or remove user access when teams change, protecting your data.

Real-Time Data Management

Any change made by anyone, anywhere is instantly seen by everyone, everywhere:

  1. Everyone works together with the same data, never dealing with file copies.
  2. PDM is built in at Onshape’s core, with no hassles over check-ins and checkouts.
  3. Lock-free simultaneous editing allows teams to work together with no fear of overwriting each other’s work.
  4. Tasks can be performed in parallel, dramatically compressing design cycles.
  5. Branching and merging designs encourage innovation.

Real-Time Analytics and Controls

Maintain control of your data and get the insights you need to make better design decisions:

  1. Every design step is recorded, documenting who changed what and when.
  2. Recover from mistakes and save time exploring design variations by comparing and restoring to any prior state of the design.
  3. Control team activity by setting, changing or revoking an individual's access permissions at any time.
  4. Receive notifications when Documents are shared, commented on or versioned.