Project: VEMPU

ICTI-UFG: Instituto de Ciencia Tecnología e Innovación at the
Francisco Gavidia University, El Salvador

Onshape is proud to support companies, individuals and open-source projects devoted to solving challenges related to COVID-19.




The Francisco Gavidia University, El Salvador, in collaboration with different companies in El Salvador, has developed a prototype that automates the operation of an “AMBU bag”.

The ventilator design needed to be producible with materials available in their local market. The initial prototype started inside the university facilities, and grew until reaching an industrial design.

Throughout the process, the Onshape platform has been of vital importance to collaborate within the team of designers in real time, the intuitive design of Onshape allowed new collaborators to provide their contributions, after a short tutorial in Spanish from the angelsky2012 youtube channel.

Currently, the prototype is in the certification stage by the medical community of El Salvador, to go into its mass production phase.

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