Break Free from SOLIDWORKS® Workgroup PDM with Onshape


It’s time to rethink your data management strategy. DS SOLIDWORKS® is discontinuing support for Workgroup PDM this year, forcing users to migrate to more complex and expensive solutions.

What does this mean for SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM users?

  1. Different vault formats mean incompatibility between systems. Your critical CAD data must be extracted from one system and imported into another. Only a SOLIDWORKS reseller can do this, subjecting users to high costs and risks to data on import.

  2. Be prepared for a huge time commitment with long, drawn-out data migration processes, training and implementation.

  3. Want non-CAD users to access your design data? You’ll have to purchase additional PDM Professional licenses.

Don’t let SOLIDWORKS hold your CAD files hostage - it’s time to upgrade to truly modern CAD.

It's Time For Full-Cloud Onshape

For more information about Onshape visit our product tour.

As the first and only full-cloud 3D CAD system, Onshape eliminates the headaches of traditional CAD, PDM and file management:

  1. No downloads, installs or service pack updates
  2. No expensive workstations
  3. No costly IT infrastructure or PDM software

Onshape works similarly to SOLIDWORKS. With the ability to import SOLIDWORKS data, it’s easy for users to migrate to a modern 3D CAD solution.

Streamline your design process, experience true real-time collaboration, and be in control of your design data at all times. Get started with Onshape’s Free Plan today!


“Onshape Mobile works extremely well. I recently was able to work while I was waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. That’s pretty cool!”

– Theo Cerboneschi, Inboard

“I’m blown away by how well it works inside a web browser. The beauty of Onshape being cloud-based is that I don’t have to deal with software updates… Not having to worry about that with CAD software is great.”

– Brock Brandenberg, Klevr