consulting partners

We have teamed up with Onshape experts to provide our customers with consulting services.

3D Porta
3D Portaclose

Consulting company based in Croatia, 3D technologies reseller and CAD training provider.

  1. Design
  2. 3D Printing
  3. 3D Scanning
  4. Training
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4Delta Group is a team of experienced scientists and engineers devoted in advancing material technology. At 4Delta we embrace revolutionary ideas in applied, formal and natural sciences to educate, research and develop future disruptive technologies.

  1. Detailed CAD fundamental and advanced design skills
  2. Extensive 3D printing practical knowledge
  3. Design services
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BattleAxe Mechanical & Product Design
BattleAxe Mechanical & Product Designclose

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Bruce Bartlett Design
Bruce Bartlett Designclose

I have over 20 years industry experience as a Toolmaker, Product Designer and Project Engineer using a variety of CAD applications. I have been constantly developing best practices for efficiency and reliability and most recently have taken to mastering Onshape and look forward to sharing what can be achieved with this exciting new software.

  1. Implementation and Optimization
  2. Training and Support
  3. Data Migration
  4. Tips and Tricks
  5. Product Design Consulting
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Camanotech was founded in 1996. Since then we offer all kind of services for CAD, CAM and PLM.

  1. Migration for current CAD to Onshape
  2. Onshape training and consultancy
  3. SolidWorks training and consultancy
  4. CAMWorks training and consultancy
  5. Keytech PLM training and consultancy
  6. SolidWorks API programming
  7. Professional 3D printing service
  8. 3D scanning
  9. Reverse engineering
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As a professionally registered Chartered Engineer (CEng), I have many years of experience in engineering design & analysis, gained throughout various industries, such as, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and marine including the design of special purpose machinery. I firmly believe that Onshape holds the future of CAD and I am excited to be using this new innovative design tool to enhance future productivity.

  1. 3D Models, 2D Drawings & Reverse Engineering
  2. Onshape Implementation, Support, Training & Demos
  3. Mechanical CAD Design, Documentation & Updates
  4. Hand calculations, Analysis, FEA & CFD
  5. Photo Realistic Rendering
  6. ECN’s, ECI’s & CAD updates
  7. Cloud-Based engineering tools
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Close 2 Circle
Close 2 Circleclose

Do you have a project, a problem or a need you would like to discuss with us? If you intend to optimise your design and manufacturing processes or if you want to improve your professional training, contact us.

  1. Design
  2. Calculations
  3. Presentation and talks
  4. On-site or online classes
  5. Technical support
  6. Customised programming and developments
  7. Web design
  8. Technical and sworn translations
  9. Software evaluation
  10. Consultancy
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D-Ring Design Works
D-Ring Design Worksclose

D-Ring Design Works specializes in mechanical engineering and product development consultation for individuals and small businesses. Focusing on individualized support and client collaboration, D-Ring Design Works helps bring innovative ideas, disruptive technologies and quality products to market.

  1. Collaborative Brainstorming
  2. 3D Solid Modeling
  3. Mechanical Design Engineering
  4. Technical Drawing
  5. Vendor Sourcing
  6. Prototype Fabrication
  7. Project Management
  8. Part Number/Inventory Control
  9. Production Design
  10. Materials Selection
  11. Patent Acquisition
  12. Packaging Design
  13. Workspace/Ergonomic Design
  14. Supplier Logistics
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DesignWorks Ltd.
DesignWorks Ltd.close

Created in 2008, DesignWorks Ltd is located in the Pacific Northwest. Owner Bill Ward has transitioned over 40 years from traditional drafting boards to 2D CAD for several years to 3D Solidworks in 2000. Companies provided design service include aviation, commercial and military trucking, nuclear, offshore marine and liquid natural gas. We are experienced in the complete design process from concept to 3D models, to manufacturing drawings, to data management, and manufacturing oversight. We are excited to represent Onshape as the new distruptive technology in the CAD world.

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Founded in 1989, Desarrollo De Sistemas Informaticos specializes in product development solutions. We support major CAD and PLM solutions (PTC, Siemens, Keyshot, Solidthinking, Elecworks, etc). We deliver training & consulting services, develop ad-hoc systems and provide IT support and administration.

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DigiCAD Ltd.
DigiCAD Ltd.close

DigiCAD Ltd, Onshape Consulting Partner, provides Onshape services throughout the UK and online. Specialising in training, support and software API customization, DigiCAD Ltd offers tailored solutions to suite a range of business requirements.

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Consulting mechanical engineering. Product design, simulation, automation, key in hand projects.

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Enventure Technology Services India
Enventure Technology Services Indiaclose

Enventure is dedicated to developing project management and quality enhancement systems. The company ensures that projects are completed on time, within budget and meet customer expectations. Being a customer-centric organization, Enventure is proactive and quick to adapt to evolving client needs and priorities.

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Fastway Engineering
Fastway Engineeringclose

Fastway Engineering teaches CAD/CAE software to Designers, Engineers, Makers, and Creators. We teach Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software in a way that allows designers to become better decision makers. We are an agnostic school, and therefore deliver classes in a wide variety of native CAD/CAE software. We bring our students up the learning curve faster than anyone else. Hence our name, Fastway. Our instructors bring years of invaluable industry experience to the classroom. Our Onshape classes are specifically designed to highlight the rich experience of designing in Onshape, but many lessons can be applied to all aspects of the product development lifecycle.

  1. Establishing Robust Modeling Practices
  2. Creating and Managing Design Intent
  3. Designing for Production Readiness
  4. Collaborating in Real Time
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Gluck is a 3D printing service provider which uses 3D printing to combine various different technologies and perform new and fun jobs. Gluck's goal is to use various 3D printing technologies to create synergies with everyone dreaming of performing new jobs as well as designers, sculptors, engineers and programmers. Gluck does 3D scanning, makes 3D artworks and models, and designs mechanisms based on 3D modeling, 3D printing and post-processing, and uses various materials, such as ceramics, castings and silicone. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Gluck is operating the FAB Café in front of Hongik University, and provides education on Onshape modeling, 3D printing and post-processing.

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intentional3D is a Seattle-based 3D printing services company. We leverage our industry expertise by offering group training platforms for corporations, business professionals, and K-12 educators and students. Our training and education focus is centered on all things 3D: modeling, printing and scanning. We are OnShape experts, using this fantastic software in conjunction with 3D printing training. We have both standard class offerings as well as custom training options available for our clients.

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Kanyway Co., Ltd
Kanyway Co., Ltdclose

Kanyway Co., Ltd was created in 2015 from a group of people who not only enthusiasm in engineering related software but also had experienced in CAD / CAM / CAE in both using and distributing for more than 15 years. This time team member have a same new goal is to look for CAD / CAM / CAE or other engineer related software which have a capability for cloud solution according to the global trend of the cloud technology. That’s being said, with our ability to distribute CAD / CAM / CAE software before, we will continually find the best cloud solution and introduce them to our great Thailand and Southeast asian communities.

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Makerlab provides 3D printing workshops, supplies and consultation to businesses and creative individuals.

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Maro & Associates
Maro & Associatesclose

Maro & Associates combined experience and focus enables a proactive approach in meeting your product development and business integration objectives. Maro & Associates provides services that enhance communication which distributes information across the enterprise; enabling people in different departments and different locations to work together using common processes as a virtual team. Success is measured by results, results come from team work, and team work is the result of sound visibility and communication. Results... this is our commitment and dedication to you, our customer.

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Marsun Technologies Inc.
Marsun Technologies Inc.close

Mold, Tool Designs for the Plastics Industry. From Prototype to High Volume, Fast Cycle, Close Tolerance Molds. Large Cavitation, Unwinding, Multi-Shot, Hot Runner Systems etc. Industries served: OEM Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Consumer and others.

  1. CAD Automation: Develop Data & Tools
  2. Design Process Automation
  3. Online Configuration & Download
  4. Estimating, Quoting & Manufacturing Process Automation
  5. CAD Services: 3D models and 2D drawings from customer concepts, reverse engineering.
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Mechanika Engineering
Mechanika Engineeringclose

The company Mechanika Engineering operating in the European Union market since 2011, providing quality and fast installation of industrial design projects, manufacture and repair. Our customer base consists of leading industry representatives. Projects are being implemented, taking into account each customer's individual needs, preferences and capabilities.

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Megha Business Solutions
Megha Business Solutionsclose

We welcome you to discuss your requirements with us.

  1. We have been passionately contributing to 3D CAD & Visualisation for two decades.
  2. We are your partners to provide reliable cloud solutions & services for growth.
  3. We start with building upon information & knowledge by effective questioning and active listening.
  4. We proactively engage and stay committed to provide easy-to-use & effective solutions that fulfil customer’s needs, desired benefits and mitigates potential risks.
  5. We have reliable business relationship with relevant organizations that enables to scale resources & expertise as need be.
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Miracle Computer and Design
Miracle Computer and Designclose

Since the first days we focus 100% on CAD/CAM Software. Micad was SolidWorks VAR from 2006 to 2013, and Siemens PLM partner since 2013. Our policy and our proud is to “bring High-Tech to vietnamese young designers”. Among all the companies selling CAD/CAM in Vietnam we are the only one who has translated thousands and thousands pages training manuals into vietnamese language ( giving free to the CAD-community here and customer), making/posting demo films and sending weekly email with design tips&tricks. Our (free) service for potential customer (not only demo, but full-training, test-design, CAM post-processor customize) begin a long-time before purchase (sometimes 03 years for some vietnamese companies with low budget). Now we love to introduce CLOUD-CAD to Vietnam.

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Mechanical Systems and Analysis
Mechanical Systems and Analysisclose

At MSA we specialize in Product Development. Our goal is to help the start up or small company take a product from concept, through design, analysis, and testing, to a manufactured product.

Along with Product Development, MSA specializes in helping to setup engineering processes and document management for small companies.

MSA specializes in Cloud Solutions for engineering.

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Nova Product Design
Nova Product Designclose

We are a customer centric Product Design Partner specializing in creativity, industrial design, mechanical design, engineering and prototyping. Our experience spans medical and consumer products, industrial, commercial and military programs for over twenty years. Our goal is to simply help those who have a problem to solve during the product development cycle.

  1. Industrial Design / Concept Ideation
  2. Solid Modeling parts and assemblies
  3. Design History Control
  4. Technical Drawing Documentation
  5. Design for Manufacturing, Assembly and Service
  6. Prototypes – build and test through Beta
  7. Tooling Design
  8. 3D Printing and CNC machining
  9. Collaborative Consulting
  10. Marketing and Packaging Design
  11. Manufacturing Vendor Management
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Optimal Device
Optimal Deviceclose

We are design and analysis consultants. We are here to help you integrate Onshape into your workflow.

Our approach is to help you build integrated design and analysis systems that allow you to optimize your product for the desired performance attributes. This insures the products you develop will work as intended the first time. Please contact us if you would like to us to demonstrate how this approach can add value to your organization.

  1. Onshape Implementation & Training
  2. Solid Modeling
  3. Surface Modeling (complex free form shapes)
  4. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with Abaqus
  5. Parametric Optimization with Isight
  6. Topology Optimization with Tosca
  7. Medical Device Design
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When Pluralsight opened our doors in 2004 we started as a provider of classroom-based training for developers. We took it online in 2008 because we realized then that serious professionals want to train when and where they want and at their own pace. We also knew that by going online, we could create the most comprehensive library of professional courses out there and make it affordable. And we’ve done just that. Since then we have added high-quality courses focused on CAD, creative (film and games), graphic design, IT admin, open-source, and developer’s content. We’ve grown to more than 600 authors and 3,000+ courses. We are making professional training accessible for people around the world and we can’t get enough of it.

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ProtoSpace Foundation
ProtoSpace Foundationclose

ProtoSpace is a laboratory with digital machines where you can make your ideas come to life! On open lab days, everybody can experiment with advanced digital fabrication machines for free when they share their knowledge. ProtoSpace also rents these machines and offer master classes and workshops. See for more information.

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R&D Engineering
R&D Engineeringclose

R&D Engineering specializes in design engineering, analysis and cloud programming. We can fit seamlessly into your organization helping get the best products to market fast. We enjoy working on standards and procedures to achieve unity between sales, engineering and manufacturing. We configure databases, featurescript automation and web scripting integrating Onshape seamlessly with your company. We specialize in the latest manufacturing technologies allowing the agile process to thrive in your organization.

  1. Design, Engineering & Analysis
  2. Training & Support
  3. New Technology Implementation
  4. Custom FeatureScript Support
  5. Configuring Virtual Private Servers for Data Capture & Distribution
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The RENDER company, creates and sells elearning courses in some area of technology, mainly software CAD, CAE, CAM, 3D animation, electronics and programming. With nearly 300 courses, the main contents are video lessons created by experts in each area.

We teach from basic to advanced easily and practically. The courses are available in online format, Download and DVD-ROM. The certification test (optional) validates student learning through an online test. With over 18 years of experience in creating CAD courses, the Render has improved their teaching format, to offer an ever more enjoyable learning.

  1. Presentations concepts
  2. Activities to practice and do
  3. Connection with real cases with situations related to the industry or workplace
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Revolution 3D Printers
Revolution 3D Printersclose

Revolution 3D Printers is a Canadian manufacturing and R&D company that manufactures 3D printers, with a focus on technologically innovative product development. We provide our customers with a complete 3D printing solution. Experienced in additive manufacturing processes we provide in depth case studies to determine ROI. Our 3D Printers provide the first step toward additive manufactured products. Training is provided to our innovative clients looking to capitalize on the latest tools available.
Our R&D division has expertise on the complete 3D printing experience, including hardware, software and materials. As a company, we provide the quality and reliability that’s expected of North American Manufacturers. We are proudly designing, developing, manufacturing and assembling our INFINITY 3D printers in Canada.

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Shenzhen Cynovan Technologies
Shenzhen Cynovan Technologiesclose

We will focus on providing best localized service for Chinese Onshape customer: data migration, project implementation,training, support, etc. 我们竭诚为Onshape中国客户提供一流的本地化服务,包含数据迁移,项目实施,培训, 技术支持等服务

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Why SolidTrust Technologies? SolidTrust Technologies is committed to bring innovative engineering design solutions to our customers. We have associated with our customers to work smarter and faster to transform their design ideas into substantial Business Growth. Our Dedicated Team has vast experience in implementing Design Solutions for 438 companies across INDIA.

  1. Industry Oriented Training on your Product Design using Onshape.
  2. CAD Data Migration to Onshape from SolidWorks, Creo, SolidEdge & Autodesk.
  3. FEA Analysis & Correlation with Simulated result and real test data to improve the product performance.
  4. PDM/PLM Implementation for integration and collaboration across the organisation.
  5. API Customization to automate your process.
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SpaceCAD Ltd
SpaceCAD Ltdclose

SpaceCAD Ltd., part of DAVID Holding, has provided manufacturing and engineering companies with engineering automation solutions and services since 1996. Working closely with partners and customers, SpaceCAD provides effective software solutions, professional services and engineering outsourcing work for product design and manufacturing, heavy industry, transportation and power generation. Over the past two decades, SpaceCAD has delivered valuable engineering solutions around the world, including Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Swiss, Vietnam and elsewhere.

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We support all your product development processes from designing to business renovation. We systemize the artisan expertise and apply it to PLM Application (CAD / CAM / CAE / PDM / PLM) to support effective technology succession. Our experienced staffs promise you the superb support based on the long term know-how and the best practices.

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Teksoft (SEA) is an engineering, design and cadcam solutions provider with a market focus on South East Asia. The company specializes in providing engineering design, consulting and project management services for backend manufacturing shop floor, product design, product lifecycle management, supply chain management and product development services to its SME customers across South East Asia.

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Visible Edge
Visible Edgeclose

Technology & Integration Services
Education Services
Staffing Services

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Workbench Projects
Workbench Projectsclose

Workbench Projects is the very first makerspace, Fablab and co-working space that has reclaimed a public space from the government for all the thirsty makers, tinkerers, innovators and entrepreneurs of Bangalore. With 5000 sq. ft. of pure creative awesomeness right under the Halasuru Metro Station, you can simply bring your thoughts, ideas and designs to this playground and walk out with its manifestation in your hands.

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