onshape platform partners

Onshape couldn't empower CAD users in more than 150 countries without our platform partners. We're proud that Onshape is powered by the best products in cloud, CAD and database software. Below are the companies that are helping us build the future of CAD.

Amazon Web Services

Onshape is "All-In" with Amazon Web Services. AWS provides the compute, data storage, and application-serving infrastructure allowing Onshape to provide secure, real-time collaboration between our users. With locations in U.S., Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and Singapore, AWS ensures the global quality, performance, and security that Onshape customers demand. Onshape was built from scratch on AWS for the way today’s engineers really work. Using a unique computational architecture on AWS, Onshape enables teams to develop, visualize and collaborate using complex 3D models.


Onshape uses ARES Kudo from Graebert to power Onshape Drawings. ARES Kudo is a full browser-based CAD platform able to create and edit drawings in DWG. Graebert's modern API offers an easy and deep integration for cloud-based solutions such as Onshape, but also for desktop-born CAD solutions looking for an easy migration to the cloud.


Onshape selected PLM Components from Siemens PLM Software to provide sophisticated product design capabilities. Parasolid is the leading geometric modeling component and provides Onshape users with comprehensive, production-proven 3D digital design functionality. D-Cubed Dimensional Constraint Manager (DCM) components are the industry’s most widely adopted geometric constraint solvers. D-Cubed 2D DCM enables Onshape users to create parametric sketches that capture design intent for rapid part and feature design and modification. Assemblies of parts and mechanisms are constructed using positioning constraints that are managed by D-Cubed 3D DCM.


MongoDB is an open source, document-oriented database designed with both scalability and developer agility in mind. Onshape uses MongoDB to store all of its metrics, Documents, and user information. Onshape chose MongoDB because it's fast, scalable, and flexible.