• (The Onshape team) has built an online software product that is nothing short of a technological marvel… Onshape provides what is essentially a ‘GitHub for CAD’ interface to its users. Users can now easily branch a product in different directions, and later merge their edits back together.

    Danny CrichtonTechcrunch

  • Onshape’s demo is impressive. As a user, you can watch live as someone on your team makes changes to a fan blade – even if she does it on a phone or laptop a continent away.

    Scott KirsnerThe Boston Globe

  • Onshape has finally done it. They’ve changed CAD… The brains behind Onshape are familiar names in the CAD industry: Jon Hirschtick, John McEleney, Scott Harris, Dave Corcoran — the original SolidWorks team. Not surprising, since the last time I was speechless was when I saw the first release of SolidWorks.

    Linda BellNASA Tech Briefs

  • Onshape CEO John McEleney: 'I have no desire to hold my employees hostage... Freedom of movement is a fundamental human right. None of us would tolerate limitations on where we choose to travel or live, yet there is passive acceptance of restricting where we can work.'

    Opinion ColumnThe Boston Globe

  • Now that Onshape is out in the public, we’re going to see the 3D CAD market get a long overdue kick up the arse. It’s not even the fact that the SolidWorks founders got back together, it’s about a group of vendors trying something new, something that hasn’t been tried before.

    Al DeanDEVELOP3D Magazine

  • Onshape is a fully collaborative environment where a distributed team can edit the same object in real-time and instantly view the changes — think about how you can do that with Google Docs.

    Dale DoughertyMake Magazine

  • Onshape provides secure and simultaneous access to one master version of CAD data without the typical bother of software license issues, installation, or file management… Do yourself a favor and take the future of CAD for a test drive.

    Randall S. NewtonCadalyst

  • Onshape is hellbent on imbuing CAD with the collaborative spirit of apps like Google Docs and Slack. (Co-founder John) McEleney says the issue with existing tools like AutoCAD and SolidWorks, apart from costing thousands of dollars up-front, is that they’re ill-suited to this sort of teamwork, especially on mobile devices.

    Robbie GonzalezWired

  • (Onshape co-founders) John McEleney and Jon Hirschtick might pass for brothers. The two 53-year-olds, who have been close friends for decades, are golf buddies, root for the Boston Red Sox together and hold long discussions about software.

    Scott MartinThe Wall Street Journal