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Onshape is committed to the privacy and security of your data. Our goal is to provide you with hassle-free tools that help you do your best design work while respecting your privacy and safeguarding your intellectual property. Follow the links on this page to learn more.

Onshape’s Commitment to Privacy & Data Protection

Your Data is Yours

We do not own your data. This includes both your design data and your personal information. Creating or uploading designs and other content into a private Onshape Document does not change that content's ownership or copyright status. If the data was yours to begin with, it remains yours after you put it in an Onshape private Document. However, Onshape public Documents allow unrestricted access to all users. Of course, if the data wasn’t yours to begin with, putting it in Onshape doesn’t make it yours. We will never make your Documents public – only you can do that.

By using our products, you give Onshape permission to do certain things with your data so that we can provide our service. For example, you give us permission to back it up, send it over a network, index it for searching, display it on your various devices, etc. We also will run automated tools over your design data to make sure that our software updates will not break your designs.

Onshape employees do not have access to your design data unless you explicitly “share” your designs with our support team. You can revoke this access at any time.

We are not a “big data” company and do not try to make money from your content. We will not send your design data to any third party unless you explicitly purchase an Onshape partner application and authorize that application to access your data or if you give us permission to send your data to a partner as part of fixing a software bug. Our contracts with these partners protect your ownership rights and dictate how they should protect your data. We will tell you how the partner application will access your account and you can turn off access whenever you want.

There are features in Onshape which allow you to share your Documents with others, but these are totally optional and whether or not you use them is up to you.

Onshape only collects the minimal personal information we need to communicate with you and authenticate your access to our service. We may provide this information to business partners that we have contracted with to help us communicate with you. We do not sell your personal information.

Your Data is Protected

Onshape doesn’t use files like old CAD systems do. Onshape’s highly available, distributed database architecture stores all design data in modern NoSQL databases. These databases use geographically distributed servers with multiple replicas for high availability and are backed up every 3 hours for disaster recovery. Backups are restored every 3 weeks and every Document is automatically checked for integrity against new versions of Onshape software. This also validates that functionality introduced in new releases will not break existing Documents.

All access from client machines and devices to Onshape’s servers is secured by TLS encryption that favors strong cipher suites and disallows weaker ones. Design data is encrypted at rest. All databases are configured with encrypted filesystems that use the AES-256 encryption standard with keys managed by the AWS Key Management System (KMS).

Onshape’s servers are deployed and configured completely by automation and are frequently replaced, sometimes multiple times a day. Onshape’s servers never run anything but Onshape software, so there is no possibility of exploits due to web browser or email client activity.

Onshape uses strong authentication systems for establishing user identity and allows the use of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect account access even if the username and password are leaked.

Our business model is simple: we only make money when you decide to pay us for a great product. This means that your trust is our biggest asset and keeping your data private is fundamental to our business.

Your Data is Portable

Even though thousands of designers have their most important information in Onshape, we still want to make sure that they can export their data quickly and easily. You can always export your design data into any of several industry standard or proprietary formats. There is no data lock-in with Onshape. We are committed to making it straightforward for you to get your data into, and out of, Onshape at any time. We also have a full, free API that lets you access all of your data programmatically.

Our philosophy is that by making it possible for you to leave at any time, we’re forever motivated to improve our service so that you’ll want to stay.

This is not a legal document. It’s meant to be a plain-language description of our fundamental business values and how we think about your data. We’ll update it from time-to-time to keep up with changing regulations, but the core principles will not change: your data is yours, your data is protected and your data is portable.

For information about our privacy and security practices please read our Privacy Policy. You can read more about your rights and responsibilities in our Terms of Use.

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