Onshape Professional

Onshape Professional is Onshape’s flagship product, combining best-in-class 3D parametric modeling with a fundamentally different and improved method of managing design data and releasing approved designs.

Onshape's secure cloud workspace replaces tedious and error-prone data management workflows with built-in tools that streamline the design process. Eliminate the daily grind of crashes, data loss, and check-in/check-out gridlock common to old CAD.

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Best-in-Class Parametric Modeling Tools

Onshape saves you time with Parametric Modeling 2.0, a fundamentally better way to model using multi-part design, configurations, simultaneous sheet metal tools, standard content, and managed in-context design.


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Formal Release Management

Create releases, send them for approval, and get back to work on your designs. No more costly add-ons and convoluted processes for locating, validating, organizing, and archiving hundreds of files. Release creation and approval workflow is a natural extension of the design process with Onshape Professional.


Truly Collaborative and Built for Teams

Eliminate the design gridlock that accompanies old CAD and PDM. Work in parallel instead of waiting for others to check files in or out. Create releases in minutes instead of stopping work for days. Keep everyone on the same page with real-time sharing, commenting, and workflow notifications. With Onshape’s secure cloud workspace, there is only one source of truth and the progress never stops.


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Align Your Company

Onshape Professional provides company-wide settings, approval workflows, and consolidated billing to ensure that everyone in your company is following the same set of standards and conventions.


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Onshape offers the modern CAD you need, without the old CAD hassles you hate.