Onshape Standard

Onshape Standard is ideal for individuals who want all the power of modern CAD, but have modest data management and collaboration needs.

Onshape Standard includes all of Onshape’s best-in-class parametric modeling functionality along with core data management tools. Modern CAD eliminates the pain of crashes, data loss, broken references, lost files, and other symptoms of design gridlock common to old CAD. For the addition of release management and company-wide controls, see Onshape Professional.

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Best-in-Class Parametric Modeling Tools

Onshape saves you time with Parametric Modeling 2.0, a fundamentally better way to model using multi-part design, configurations, simultaneous sheet metal tools, standard content, and managed in-context design.


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Manage Your Design, Not Your Design Data

Old CAD systems create files. These files are copied, lost, deleted, versioned, renamed, and moved, all of which lead to gridlock in your design process. Onshape’s core data management tools are baked in, meaning you can version, restore, branch, compare, and merge designs, all as a natural part of the design process, with zero IT or overhead.


Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access full-strength CAD from anywhere, anytime via your favorite modern web browser or mobile device. Recover all the time wasted installing and patching buggy old CAD software. Do your best work from anywhere with no license keys, no crashes, and no data loss.


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Onshape offers the modern CAD you need, without the old CAD hassles you hate.