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Accelerating Product Development with 3D Printing and Cloud-Native CAD

How “Additive-First” and “Cloud-First” Strategies Speed Up Prototyping and Manufacturing

The combination of 3D printing (also known as “additive manufacturing”) with cloud-native CAD and agile methodologies is changing the way people work, enabling new innovative designs and bespoke products in record times. 

This eBook offers a fresh perspective on how your product development team can use these disruptive technologies together. Cloud-native CAD is transforming how engineers and manufacturers communicate and collaborate. 3D printing is allowing design concepts to be visualized and tested in a more efficient way, independent of supply chain issues. 

Learn how these companies from three different industries are dramatically improving their processes: 

  • Informal – Co-Designer of the “world’s first wearable brain computer.” 

  • Meter – Developer of an affordable emergency hospital ventilator, built from scratch in 21 days. 

  • Fairlane Products – Developer of an additive ecommerce solution for robotic gripper components. 

Download this eBook and learn how you can better implement additive manufacturing and cloud-native product development to transform your organization. 

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