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How Onshape’s Cloud-Native PDM is transforming the CAD Industry

Addressing the Need for a More Secure and Efficient Way to Manage Data

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Design data has been recognized as one of the most important assets for any company, inspired by emerging PDM trends. A well-designed data management system ensures that there are no gaps in communication and workflow between departments, which can lead to better quality work.

Many companies rely on traditional PDM systems to organize their data on CAD design systems; however, these systems are not designed for the modern design process with the latest PDM trends. Traditional PDM systems are limited by costly hardware/ software updates and an outdated file-based system.

Contrary to the trend, Onshape’s built-in cloud-native PDM system is not only cost-efficient, but is also transforming the way in which CAD design data is managed, accessed, and stored. With Onshape, users can handle complex designs with ease, congruent with current PDM trends, as well as accommodate an increasing number of users and projects.

This document aims to explore how Onshape’s PDM system, a leader in the realm of PDM trends, is providing: 

  • Better communication with other team members

  • Improved efficiency

  • Greater work quality

  • More time for creativity

  • A safer and more secure work environment

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