Sticker Shock: The Invisible Costs of CAD

A comprehensive guide to determining the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your product development platform
Modernizing your CAD

When you buy a new car, the initial purchase price does not include taxes, license or registration fees, maintenance or insurance – all of which can add up to a significant expense. The same dynamic applies to CAD and Product Data Management (PDM) software.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the hidden ongoing expenses associated with file-based desktop engineering software, including:

  • Software Licenses & Floating License Taxes

  • Annual Software Maintenance Feed

  • Consulting Fees for PDM Implementation and Data Migration

  • Hardware Costs: High-Performance CAD Workstations, Servers and Networking Equipment

  • Efficiency and Opportunity Costs

You’ll also compare the benefits of traditional file-based CAD and PDM versus cloud-native platforms, and how these differences will positively impact your total cost of ownership.

Get your copy of “Sticker Shock: The Invisible Costs of CAD” today and find out what you might be missing when buying product development software. Your CFO will thank you.

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