What's New in Review 2018

2018 has been an outstanding year for Onshape. With automatic updates every 3 weeks (17 total this year) and nearly 400 improvements added, Onshape has continued to set the standard for Modern CAD. Since Onshape has been evolving at a breakneck pace, if you haven't used Onshape lately, now is the time for you to take your second look. Here are a few of my personal favorite features added this year:

  1. Onshape Enterprise
  2. Release Management and Approval Workflows
  3. Configurations
  4. Standard Content
  5. Simultaneous Bill of Materials

And that's only 5 of the nearly 400 improvements added this year! To end the year, we want to have one final What's New webinar to cover the greatest updates of 2018.

As Onshape founder and CEO Jon Hirschtick says, "If you haven't seen Onshape lately, you haven't seen Onshape!"



Cody ArmstrongManager, Technical Services

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