Robots to
the Rescue

The “Robots to the Rescue” student design
challenge from PTC for FIRST® Robotics!


A Global Design Competition

FIRST teams around the world took on a virtual design competition where they solve a current world problem with their robotics skills.

Students used Onshape - a web-based CAD system used by professionals and available free to FIRST teams. Using Onshape, teams:

Designed a robot that helps to solve a current world problem.


Think BIG!

What world problem do you want to solve? Some example solutions include a delivery bot that brings food and medical supplies to hard-to-reach places, a vehicle that removes pollution from the atmosphere rather than adding to it, or a remote-controlled surgical bot that allows doctors to operate on patients from a distance.

Find the topic that your team is most passionate about and let your imaginations run wild!


Get Started Quickly

Onshape makes it easy for FIRST teams to get started quickly.  No downloading or installing - just log in, share your document with the team and then you're building robots!  And with dedicated webinars, self-paced learning resources, and a thriving community you'll have all the support you need.

Changing the World

The competition accepted entries through May 15, 2020.  Prizes include grant money for next year's competition.  See the Rules & Guidelines page for more information.