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Onshape User Groups are a casual way to improve your design skills, challenge your assumptions, informally network with industry peers, learn best practices from innovative companies, enjoy some refreshments and socialize with new friends. User Groups are member-run and completely independent from Onshape, but do receive both educational and financial support. Some meetings may include an Onshape expert on the agenda, giving members the inside scoop on future developments and a chance to directly share their priorities.

Wed Apr  15
7:00 PM AEDT
Wed  Apr 22
2:00 PM PDT
Wed  Apr 22 6:00 PM PDT Virtual
Warwick, England User Group Meeting Tue Apr 28 6:00 PM GMT+1  Virtual 
Philadelphia User Group Meeting  Thu Apr 30  6:00 PM EDT   Virtual
Dallas/FW Onshape User Group Meeting Thu  May 07 6:00 PM CDT Virtual

"It's a real pleasure to be able to gather users from such diverse industries to exchange valuable insights and ideas!"

David Parker
Seattle User Group Leader

“I learn new trick each time I attend a user group meeting.”

Chad Clarke
Salt Lake City User Group Leader

“You can’t have a meaningful conversation in 140 characters or less, and you can’t shake hands with an avatar.”

Richard Doyle
User Group Liaison for Onshape

How do I find a group near me?

Interested in attending an Onshape User Group Meeting? Previous stops include San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. Scroll down to get in touch with your local Onshape User Group leaders or consider starting your own chapter.

How can I start an Onshape User Group?

If you cannot find an existing Onshape User Group nearby and would like to start one, please email and let us know a little bit about your career background and why you’d like to lead a new chapter.

Onshape User Group Directory



San Diego User Group
Group Leader: Bill Campbell
Los Angeles User Group
Group Leader: TBD
San Francisco User Group
Group Leader: Bill Schnoebelen
Silicon Valley User Group
Group Leader: Sean Blanchard


Denver User Group
Group Leader: Jeffrey Rowe


Chicago User Group
Group Leader: Drew Marschner


Boston User Group
Group Leader: Ty Tremblay


Portland User Group
Group Leader: Chris Aicher


Philadelphia User Group
Group Leader: Marcus Bernstein


Seattle User Group
Group Leader: David Parker


Dallas/Fort Worth Onshape User Group
Group Leader: Chris McCormack


Salt Lake City User Group
Group Leader: Chad Clarke


Nashville User Group
Group Leader: Ryan Priddy

Ontario, Canada

Toronto Area Onshape User Group
Group Leader: Anthony Marino