Avatech's Handheld "Avalanche Detector" Aims to Save Lives

    Utah engineers turn to Onshape to improve device that finds potential trouble spots in the snowpack and shares real-time safety data

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    After 200 years, rethinking the stethoscope

    Thinklabs uses Onshape to design the next generation of its digital stethoscope, which radically improves the audio quality for physicians

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    Cloud-based CAD in the middle of nowhere?

    In Scotland’s remote Orkney Islands, Scotrenewables Tidal Power designs its floating turbines online in Onshape

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    Sweat-free Skateboarding

    Inboard Action Sports uses Onshape to build the first electric skateboard with motors inside wheels

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    Radiators as Art

    Europe’s Stelrad Radiator Group uses Onshape to redefine home design

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  • ZYCI

    The Starbucks of Machine Shops

    Boutique manufacturer ZYCI credits Onshape for enabling it to rapidly process high­-end customized order

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    Asteroid Hunter

    Open Space Agency uses Onshape to design an open-source, Automated Robotic Observatory (ARO) for NASA’s Asteroid Challenge Lab

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    The Aquarium That Keeps On Giving

    Grove uses Onshape to design their “Ecosystem,” a fish-powered, indoor vegetable garden aimed at city dwellers

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  • Bard Johansen

    Bard Johansen, BLJ Engineering

    I have experienced the pains of traditional CAD, the frustration of checking in and out enormous files, time-consuming updates, and the dreaded backwards incompatibility problem. Simply put, using Onshape doesn’t give me headaches.

  • Ravi Kalvai

    Ravi Kalvai, Marsun Technologies

    Not having to worry about CAD installation, updates or patches feels like being able to drive a car around while someone else is automatically taking care of all the maintenance, while also continuing to enhance its performance.

  • Alex Buys

    Alex Buys, Gabler Medical

    Onshape’s sharing, collaboration and control abilities are revolutionary. It’s easy to share documents with suppliers, and data management is now much less of a headache. This also saves us local storage and backup demand. No more lost files and broken links!

  • Nick Ambrogi

    Nick Ambrogi, Grove

    The number one thing for us as a startup is that we need to be fast, and it was immediately clear to us that it would be faster to use Onshape.

  • Bob Barry

    Bob Barry, Nova Product Design

    I try to get my clients to migrate to Onshape all the time. I love that there’s no dedicated computer or server required, no need for a PDM system and that Onshape always saves all my work, all the time!

  • Mitch Free

    Mitch Free, ZYCI

    I used to have to wait to get back to my office and open up the file only on the computer I had the license for... Now it doesn’t matter if I’m on my home computer, my laptop while I’m traveling, my office computer or the computer on the shop floor. I can log in and immediately discuss a part no matter where I am.

  • Jim Christian

    Jim Christian, Avatech

    I’m usually in Utah and being able to actually look at models together with our mechanical engineer in Massachusetts has been huge for us. We get on the phone together and can get into the same part and start spinning it around and hiding and showing different elements of the product.

  • Michael Topolovac

    Michael Topolovac, Crave

    I like Dropbox, but it’s just not designed as a global CAD vault. Onshape just feels a lot safer. It’s like if I kept all my money in a mattress in a bad neighborhood or I chose to put it in the bank.

  • Dries Vervoort

    Dries Vervoort, Stelrad

    Onshape makes you more productive with your design time. I can work with teammates or customers directly on the same model at the same time – and we can be far more efficient because their feedback is immediate and they can see my changes as I make them.