If you’ve ever watched an episode of the Innovator’s Insider podcast, you’ll know that one of the best treats is learning about the newest model of the week. 

The model of the week (MOTW) is a public 3D design model that uses best practices and good configurations. Viewers should be able to learn from the models of the week, and apply principles and ideas to their own work. If you have a great model that you think other Onshape users could learn from, you can post a public link to the Onshape Forums

Then, every Friday, we feature a MOTW on our social media feeds (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to highlight excellent design work.

With the end of the year approaching, let’s take a look at some of the best models of the week and what makes these 3D designs the best.

Is This Year the Celtics Year?

Last summer, every Bostonians’ eyes were glued to the TV as the Boston Celtics competed in the 2022 NBA Finals. As a good luck charm for the hopeful team, Technical Services Engineer Nacho Martos created an Onshape version of the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy.

The Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy in Onshape Render Studio. 

Explore the model to understand new ways to use mixed modeling and rendering tools in Onshape. Basketball lovers can get an up close look at the fine details of the trophy. 

Although the Celtics didn’t win the 2022 NBA Finals, the Onshape model still offers a beacon of hope for the team to make it to the 2023 NBA Finals. 

The Onshape Education Team’s FSAE Car 3D Design Model

Most educators teach formulas to their students, but the Onshape Education Team teaches students how to build the Formula (SAE car) in CAD. 

The team built the model for Onshape’s annual internal 3D design competition and won the Judges’ Choice Award for Assembly Design. They decided to build an FSAE car to explore how a complex design problem can be solved collaboratively, and prove that Onshape was capable of building an FSAE car. 

The model includes multiple views of the car and a variety of renderings. Onshape users can also see how in-context modeling can be used to simplify a complicated design. In-context modeling is a feature that can help designers make sure that your parts fit into the right place in the assembly and update the context as other parts in the assembly change. 

The Onshape FSAE Car in Onshape Render Studio.

To learn more about the FSAE car model, check out the blog post on how the team built the model. 

The Everything Train Going Everywhere

If you’re looking for a model that includes a full and organized assembly, look no further. The Traction Engine model created by Sean Ellis includes a huge amount of detail and a variety of views on the 3D design model. 

Among the greatness of the model, one of the best components is Ellis’ use of Onshape’s Render Studio. There are nine different renderings of the model all with excellent lighting and shiny sheet metal. 

The traction engine’s exploded view can also help new Onshape users understand how mates work in Onshape and what you can do with Render Studio to better understand assembly design. 

Inside the Future with Onshape's 3D Design

Any science fiction film set in space usually includes a look into a spaceship of some kind. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore a spaceship like that? 

Rendering of the spaceship bridge.

With Scott Sutter’s Ship Bridge model, you can! The model includes hallways, seats, and doors just like any powerful spaceship. Users can either pan through the bridge on their own by using the navigation arrows or watch a video created by Sutter on the second tab. 

The Render Studio also offers a look into what the bridge would look like with different textured metals. Unlock your imagination’s dreams of science fiction by opening this model’s door! 

More Models on the Innovator’s Insider podcast

The Models of the Week are featured on almost every episode of the Innovator’s Insider podcast, so make sure to post your models onto the Onshape Forum! See more details here.

Hosts Richard Doyle and Michael LaFleche occasionally bring on the creator to have a more in-depth conversation on how they built their model and why, so tune in every time a new episode airs! 

Listen to the Innovator’s Insider podcast on any of your favorite listening platforms. 

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