September is already coming to a close. The leaves are falling, kids are back in school, and the world is changing in the blink of an eye. Believe it or not, technology is changing just as fast. 

In this wrap-up, we’ve highlighted some of the most interesting articles and topics that can help explain why technology is changing and how you can keep up. 

How to Embrace the Emerging Workforce

With the recruiting season beginning, it can be hard to understand the new generation that’s about to enter the workforce. Generation Z, which includes anyone born after 1997, grew up with technology right by their side and never worked with filing cabinets or floppy disks. If companies want new talent, they’re going to have to understand the new generation and meet their expectations. 

Onshape General Manager and PTC EVP Jon Hirschtick wrote a Forbes article on what these expectations are and why they are important to meet.

One of the most common expectations includes easy accessibility to data on any device. Gen Z is used to platforms like Spotify or Netflix that allow you to sign in with a username and a password and immediately access entertainment from anywhere.

These expectations from technology will start to become more prevalent in the office as the new generation rises through the ranks of the workforce. Before you know it, it’ll be the natural way of working and everyone has to learn how to keep up with it.

The Intern Show 

Generation Z is a difficult group to understand, but the best way to learn more about their expectations and experiences is to ask them. 

Hosts of the Innovator’s Insider podcast Michael LaFleche and Richard Doyle brought in four interns to the podcast to hear about their various experiences working at Onshape.

Product Management Intern Alnis Smidchens has been working at Onshape for two summers, and he’s brought his most creative and innovative ideas to the table. One of the projects that he was most excited to work on was a reference finder that helps Onshape users locate information in Slack, Jira, Trello, or any other work management applications while simultaneously working in Onshape. 

After hearing about all the new ideas that the Onshape interns produced this summer, Doyle and LaFleche were excited by what they were offering for the future of Onshape. 

“I’m happy to see young folks coming up with the kind of things that they can produce, the kind of things that they talk about, and the dreams and plans that they have for the future,” Doyle said. 

Find out more about the Onshape intern experience by listening to the full episode.

The Future of CAD with Jay Tedeschi

With all these new changes in technology expectations, how will it change the way that mechanical engineers and product developers use CAD?

Product Manager Principal Jay Tedeschi joined Develop3D to talk about what he thinks the future of CAD is going to look like, including his thoughts on artificial intelligence and API graphics.

“One of the strongest uses of AI is in areas of the product which are typically not considered when discussing AI/ML as a design tool aid,” Tedeschi said.

Onshape takes advantage of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to compile data on how the product is being used on different servers, networks, and at different times. Eventually, Onshape will be able to improve its functions on artificial intelligence and machine learning to fit users’ needs and propel the future of CAD. 

The Massive SaaS Opportunity in the Engineering Industry

As Tedeschi highlighted in his interview, SaaS is transforming technology and PTC is working to make sure that our products are at the forefront. PTC Vice President and Channel Chief Stuart Heavyside joined CRN to talk about how PTC is transitioning into SaaS and why it’s so important.

Onshape and Arena are two examples of PTC’s SaaS products since they both run in a browser on any device at any time. PTC is also expanding its SaaS products by introducing new SaaS versions of their older products, Windchill and Creo, on Microsoft Azure soon.

Heavyside is excited about this transition because it will help customers have a better experience.

“SaaS will drive more focus on customer success,” he said. “It’s going to remove the complexity of the old model, eliminating how the hardware comes together, and how to implement it.”

In his interview with CRN, he also talked about PTC’s sales strategy for SaaS products and how digital marketing will be the key to promoting these transitions.

Prioritizing Agility: Product Team’s Challenges Today

Agility and time to market are the most important factors to remain competitive in today’s market. With millions of products coming and going every day, it’s tough to keep up with it all. 

Co-Founder of Onshape John McEleney and Director of Technical Content Michael LaFleche will be hosting a webinar 12 p.m. EST, September 27, 2022, to explore how teams can thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Although file-based CAD is standard amongst product developers, there are thousands of problems that developers hit while working with file-based CAD. Whether your team is struggling with disorganized data management or crashes, it might be time to consider that file-based CAD is holding your team back.

Register for the webinar today to learn more about how you can improve your team’s productivity and better compete with the market.

Prioritizing Agility

In this webinar, John McEleney and Michael LaFleche discuss how enterprises today can equip themselves to thrive in a world where agility is necessary to remain competitive.

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