For those who live in colder climates with extended winter weather (ahem, Boston), the advent of the summer months is long-awaited – and appreciated.

Of course, the summer is also welcomed in places with hotter climates, as the season brings something we all crave: relaxation and an excess of Vitamin D. (Remember to wear sunscreen!)

With co-workers off on vacation and your own plans quickly filling up your schedule, the summer demands more flexibility than any other season. After all, no one wants FOMO (fear of missing out).

We’ve all heard about employees who are able to live in Puerto Rico for months at a time while working, then travel back home to plan the next trip to Mexico City, or somewhere just as beautiful. Those people, I must say, are living the dream!

But for product designers and engineers who rely on on-premise software and equipment or require a VPN to access work, the palm-tree-filled dream is far from possible. 


You use Onshape.

Here’s how using Onshape can help you balance work and play this summer.

Flexible Working: Access Anywhere

After two years of lockdowns, travel restrictions and overall limitations on all things fun, 2022 is shaping up to be the year of “Revenge Travel,” according to CNN. In other words, people are planning massive trips in an effort to make up for the lost time. 

Data from travel website Expedia supports the sentiment, with over two-thirds of Americans planning to “go big” on their next trip.

Whether you also plan to “go big” or have a “stay”-cation, location won’t limit your ability to work remotely when using cloud-native platforms. Onshape’s architecture makes it one of the most flexible and accessible CAD solutions available. You can log in to a project as quickly as opening Slack or email.

Now, I’m not saying work has to get done during a vacation – but with Onshape’s anywhere and anytime, trips can be extended without concern, multiple stops can be taken, and a new level of flexibility can open the doors for whatever plans might come your way.

Easy, Global Collaboration

“In case of an emergency, you can reach me at….” 

Do any of us really mean that?

Here’s where the real summer benefit of Onshape comes in:

With on-premise or file-based CAD, information is siloed, limiting accessibility and creating bottlenecks. If you didn’t remember to share your files and latest progress with your team before taking time off, they’ll be forced to text you at that emergency number.

But with cloud-native Onshape, your team can easily step in and find what they need without frantically reaching out to you for help. Information is democratized and teams are empowered to continue work with streamlined sharing tools.

travel essentials

Design Fearlessly

While travelers are planning the best summer ever, keep in mind it will be a shock to the travel sector to meet demand after two years of closures, labor shortages and supply chain issues. According to travel experts who spoke to Forbes, be prepared to “lower your expectations” and to pay higher prices, face sold-out venues and deal with slow service.

Now, Onshape can’t fix these problems, per se. But perhaps you can, with a new innovative idea. So while you’re waiting for a flight, you can fire up Onshape and design a more sustainable aircraft battery or a more secure backpack. You’re free to create fearlessly from anywhere in the world.

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