Based in Seattle, Washington, Synapse is a global product development and consultancy firm that solves complex engineering challenges for brands, and designs products that accelerate advances in technology. The company’s industrial and consumer products include small wearable tech devices, large industrial imaging systems and seemingly everything in between.

“Every project is interdisciplinary,” says mechanical engineer Will Harrison, referring to frequent collaboration with electrical and software engineers. “There’s never one team working in isolation.”

Synapse Product Development’s clients include NASA, Uber, Honeywell, Nike, Samsung, Target, Whirlpool and the San Francisco 49ers.

“The collaborative aspect of Onshape definitely lets you move faster,” adds mechanical engineer Katherine Stegner. “A lot of times in other CAD systems, you have to wait for colleagues to finish an entire next step. Whereas if you’re just working on a portion of it in Onshape, you can be working on it in parallel and reducing some of the downtime.”

Forward-thinking companies like Synapse are always evaluating new technologies that can give them a competitive advantage. Watch the video below to learn why Synapse engineers credit Onshape’s modern CAD system for helping to boost collaboration, iterate designs more quickly and deliver products to market faster.

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