For decades, the DWG file format has been the lingua franca to share technical drawings. Organizations have accumulated billions of legacy drawings in this format and it is still used by millions of professionals to document and share projects.

While Onshape users can create Onshape Drawings to annotate 2D views and sections of their 3D models, they may also upload to their Onshape Documents some DWG or DXF files produced by other solutions.

The Onshape Drawings features are based on Graebert’s ARES Kudo technology. With the release of ARES Kudo for Onshape, now available in the Onshape App Store, Graebert and Onshape extended their collaboration with DWG viewing and editing.

Optimal Workflow for Dealing with DWG Files

With other CAD software, creating and modifying DWG drawings would require you to download the file on your computer and upload it to your Onshape Documents, manually, again and again after each modification. Using the ARES Kudo app, you can read and modify your DWG drawings without ever leaving the Onshape environment.

Indeed, ARES Kudo for Onshape is a great example of the deep integration that cloud-based solutions can offer. When using ARES Kudo in the Cloud or ARES Commander on Desktop, you can connect your Onshape account to browse, access and edit your DWG drawings. Any modification you make is further synchronized with the Onshape Documents where the DWG or DXF file is stored. Besides the time savings, you can always be sure that the file will stay up-to-date.

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Video introducing ARES Kudo for Onshape

Furthermore, Onshape users can click on any DWG or DXF file stored in Onshape Documents and it will automatically call ARES Kudo to read it in the browser. This seamless integration doesn’t require that you create a Graebert account – you will simply be authenticated by your Onshape account. Viewing is free for all Onshape users. If you purchase a subscription from the Onshape App store, you will get further access to the editing features to create or modify the drawing.

As previously mentioned, the ARES Kudo viewer is free if you only need to read DWG or DXF files inside an Onshape Document. If you want to go a step further and edit or create such drawings in sync with Onshape, you can consider subscribing to either the Cloud or Trinity plans in the Onshape App Store. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

ARES Kudo for Onshape - Cloud Plan

ARES Kudo is fully cloud-based and seamlessly integrated with Onshape. This subscription includes all the editing features of ARES Kudo to create and modify DWG or DXF drawings in your browser.

ARES Kudo for Onshape running inside Onshape’s environment. Editing features are available because this user has subscribed to ARES Kudo

This “Cloud-only” plan is recommended if you have no interest in our desktop version. Typically, this offer is best suited for the same user working with Onshape and editing DWG drawings. Besides the pricing, the key benefit is the ability to work with such drawings without ever leaving the Onshape environment.

ARES for Onshape - Trinity Plan

Alternatively, you may consider Graebert’s Trinity license combining three solutions in the same subscription:

  • ARES Kudo for Onshape, same as in the Cloud plan
  • ARES Commander, the desktop version for Windows, macOS X and Linux computers
  • ARES Touch, the mobile version for Android and iOS mobile devices

These three versions offer similar features in 2D, although ARES Commander includes more capabilities in printing, 3D solid modeling, programming, a higher performance and a more traditional user interface.

The cloud storage palette inside ARES Commander is connecting Graebert’s desktop version to synchronize modifications on DWG or DXF files with Onshape as well as ARES Kudo and ARES Touch.

As a result, the Trinity plan is the best option if you need to work on very heavy or complex drawings. The ability to use both desktop and cloud versions will also ease the migration of users currently working with AutoCAD®, Microstation® or other desktop-based CAD software. Compared to these solutions, the Trinity license remains up to eight times less expensive and keeps offering a much better workflow with Onshape.

Indeed, all three solutions can be connected to your Onshape account. 

Using the ARES Kudo app, you can read and modify your DWG drawings without ever leaving the Onshape environment.  .