Every three weeks, Onshape releases a new batch of improvements, updates, and tools that make the user experience smoother, more fun, and more efficient.

As an overview of the last few months of updates, Director of Technical Services Cody Armstrong and Head of Product Greg Brown give a more holistic view of how recent improvements work together to build a better, more robust product development platform. 

The duo also gives expert demonstrations to show Onshape users some of the best practices in surfacing, drawings, and more! 

Read on for the highlights from the webinar, “Quarterly Onshape Review: Learn What’s New (March 2023).” 

Core Feature Improvements in the Last Few Months

Cody outlines feature improvements that really add an extra layer of functionality to the core functions of Onshape, including Computed Assembly Properties aggregation, Hatch improvements, and Flag Notes.

Onshape Computed Assembly Properties Features

This function has been out for a while now but not widely used: The ability to compute a property and have it show up wherever designated. Cody shows how it works using “shipping size” as an example computed property that shows up in the Bill of Materials. 

Utilizing Aggregated Computed Part Properties
for Assemblies

Cody answers the question, “How do I see the complete mass of an assembly?" 

He demonstrates how to easily aggregate values – in this example, cost values – using Computed Assembly Properties.

Onshape’s Focus on Machine Design and
Manufacturing-Centric Processes

Machine design and other manufacturing-centric processes have always been at the core of mechanical design. Machine design is characterized by the use of welded structures, sheet metal parts, and machined parts built together to build a machine with a function. 

Cody highlights the Onshape features that will aid in machine design, such as using Frame tools like Gussets and End Caps.

Onshape’s Vision and Philosophy for Industrial Design
and Surfacing

Greg explains why Onshape is focusing on tools that will help industrial designers excel. This includes honing in on surfacing features that create advanced workflows. 

This focus on advanced surfacing will provide high-quality curves and sketches, detailed features, diagnostics, and improved user experience.

The Benefits of Diagnostics and Features in
Onshape’s Surfacing Tool Set

Greg discusses feature updates that improve the surfacing workflow and summarizes all the different facets of Onshape’s surfacing toolset that improve workflows for wireframes, surfaces, surface manipulation, and diagnostic best practices. 

What is the Bridging Curve Feature in Onshape?

Greg demonstrates how the tool works to create curvature continuity at the ends of a bridging curve. He explains how to use and understand the Gaussian and mean curvature tools.

Diagnostic Analysis of Loft and Boundary Surfaces

Greg explains how to use the different levels of diagnostic tools to ensure desired results. Diagnostics are key to high-quality surfaces and products – and need to be available right at your fingertips to use them. In this demonstration, he describes how he examines a curve using surfacing tool diagnostics. 

To see a full list of recent updates, take a look at the Onshape changelog. And, to join in on the excitement of a fresh release, head to the Onshape Forums for the latest.

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