What’s the latest in robotics news? What about mountain biking news?

Here at Onshape, we’re proud of the companies that use our cloud-native platform to create amazing new products or solve old issues with innovative ideas. Let’s celebrate with a roundup with the latest on Miso Robotics, MassRobotics and Lal Bikes, which are making headlines with robotic fry cooks to improving parts of a mountain bike. 

Miso Robotics Changing How Restaurants Work

Move over SpongeBob SquarePants, Flippy is our new favorite fry cook.

Flippy 2, Flippy’s next iteration, is the creation of Pasadena-based Miso Robotics, which was featured on Hulu’s The Next Thing You Eat and has a growing footprint in fast food. 

Flippy 2, as the name suggests, is more of a fry cook station with a robotic arm that flips burgers at just the right time, places fries in a vat of oil to fry them and has several other configurations for other foodstuffs, like chicken wings. 

The robot is now employed throughout the fast-food industry, including at Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonic Drive-Ins and at two MLB stadiums, and will be installed at over 100 White Castle locations, according to Today

In The Next Thing You Eat, host and restaurateur David Chang discusses the impact of technology on restaurants and speaks to Miso Robotics’ Buck Jordan about the coming wave of robot employees. Together they talk about how jobs will change as automation becomes more mainstream and if the shift will change the restaurant experience for the better or for the worse. 

Miso Robotics also is behind CookRight, an AI-powered cooking sensor, and Sippy, an automatic beverage dispenser.

Read more about Flippy.

Lal Bikes Revolutionizing Mountain Bikes

Design is never perfect and can always be improved upon. (Except maybe Hagoromo chalk.) 

This becomes truer as a design becomes more complex – like a mountain bike. Specifically, the derailleur is one of the weakest yet most important components of a bike. The derailleur is part of the gear system that shifts the chain. Because it is exposed, it is one of the parts that will need the most upkeep, after tires and the brakes.

So Cedric Eveleigh set out to fix this problem. Cedric designed a solution to the exposed derailleur with his “Supre Drive,” according to PinkBike.com. After patenting his idea in Canada and launching his company Lal Bikes, Cedric is planning the next steps, which include working with major mountain bike companies and more. 

He used Onshape to bring his idea to life, noting the platform’s Custom Features, collaboration capabilities and version control as some of the main functions that helped him design the product.

Cedric from Lal Bikes will explain more in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned!

But for now, learn about his design.

Mountain bikingA bicyclist during sunset. Unsplash Stock Image

MassRobotics Supporting Robotics Startups

Boston is a hub for innovation. In 2020, Robotics Business Review named New England’s largest city as one of the best areas to start a robot company for its proximity to excellent education establishments, like M.I.T., and because it ranks third in the world for venture capital investment.

MassRobotics wants to keep Boston as a robotics hotspot. Launched in 2014, the nonprofit is an incubator for robotic startups by providing a shared working space with all the resources, like 3D printers and laser cutters, needed for burgeoning companies to bring their products to market.

To continuously spur innovation, MassRobotics partners with other organizations with similar goals. One of those organizations is PTC

Also based in Boston, PTC is providing free licenses of Onshape to resident startups at MassRobotics, according to Robotics and Automation News.

“Our team at MassRobotics is very excited to collaborate with PTC and the amazing Onshape team to utilize the innovative capabilities of Onshape to better scale the next generation of successful robotics startups,” said Fady Saad, co-founder and vice president of strategic partnerships at MassRobotics.

Read about this announcement.

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