After a long day of engineering, there’s nothing like firing up YouTube to get your daily dose of video content. 

If you’re up to date with your favorite engineering YouTube channels (check out our faves) and feel like you’ve reached the end of the internet, no worries! We’ve got you covered with some new options for a fresh YouTube binge session. 

Works by Design

Works by Design creator (Riley) has seen a meteoric rise after publishing only three videos, each averaging about 1.2 million views in 2023. We should expect some fantastic projects from him in 2024!

Projects from this engineering YouTuber, so far, have included a pick-proof lock, a more efficient bicycle design, and a “rocket bird.” 

In 2024, we could see the Works by Design channel rise to the top of YouTube’s engineering content creators along with the titans of the category, like Mark Rober, Stuff Made Here, Tom Stanton, Colin Furze, and others.  

Works by DesignScreengrab from Works by Design video “Building a rocket bird (ornithopter).” 

Not An Engineer

The ironically titled Not An Engineer channel brought us some of the most creative engineering and machining content we saw in late 2023. 

Based down under, the clearly skilled engineer showed us some great projects like “fixing” cheap tools and a do-it-yourself CNC mill that eats metal. 

He even played a prominent role in a video with his mate from the widely popular “I Did a Thing” channel, where the two built a totally safe (/s) metal Beyblade.  

Not An Engineer screengrabScreengrab from Not An Engineer video “I built a CNC mill because I have no self control.” 

Camden Bowen

Camden Bowen has been grinding on YouTube for over 3 years now but really started to break out in 2023 with an ever-increasing number of views and growing interest in his engineering channel. Camden’s projects seem to stick to the theme of visually appealing red and blue 3D-printed engines, carburetors, shock absorbers, and more. 

If Camden stays on this growth trajectory, he will have a massive 2024! 

Camden BowenScreengrab from Camden Bowen’s video “Metal 3D Printed Gas Engine.” 

Aaed Musa

Aaed Musa is a mechanical engineering student at Purdue University. However, he claims in his bio that he is “just making stuff.” 

Well, the “stuff” that he is “just making” happens to be really impressive. Some of his highlights include a ball-balancing robot, a robot dog (watch out, Boston Dynamics), and a Rubik’s cube-solving machine. 

We hope to see more great projects from him in 2024!

Aaed Musa's videoScreengrab from Aaed Musa’s video “I Built a Ball Balancing Robot.” 

Callum Long

Callum Long is an aerospace engineering student in the U.K. who has seen some great initial success on YouTube.

Instead of working a summer job or taking an internship, Callum decided to roll up his sleeves and build a liquid rocket engine as most people his age do. Getting over 50,000 views on your first two YouTube videos may seem like rocket science, but Callum managed to do it…while doing rocket science. We hope to see Callum reach new heights in 2024!

The Best Engineering YouTube Channel?

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