Do you have hours of sketch and feature work under your belt? Can you model robust parts in a multi-part Part Studio in your sleep? Do you dream about all the different uses of Mate connectors? Do you live in Onshape Documents?

You might be an Onshape professional, which is no easy task. 

If this resonates with you, then the Certified Onshape Professional program is calling your name. This is an opportunity to gain accreditation and document your proficiency in the Onshape platform. 

Take it from Ian Gardiner at Avidbots who took the exam. 

“A dedicated professional always welcomes an opportunity to test their skill,” he said. “As an employee, I have it on LinkedIn and my resume; it shows a commitment to learning and professional improvement. As an employer, I certainly take notice of incoming employees who pass the exam. It provides confidence that they will contribute to our team immediately.”

For Matthew Curran at Premier Custom-Built, the exam was a chance to advance his professional development.

“The test was a challenge. I felt that every question was designed to test a specific competency of the program. It truly covers all necessary areas of knowledge,” he said. “I highly recommend that other Onshape users take this exam in order to display their level of knowledge with the program and to challenge themselves to learn from the test and apply that knowledge in their daily work.”

Prove it to your boss, your future employers and colleagues that you know your way around Onshape by becoming an Onshape Certified Professional. The certificate on your resume and LinkedIn page can be the difference between an offer letter or a rejection email.

Who Should Take This Exam?

Onshape users with a minimum of 75-100 hours spent designing, drafting, and modeling in the cloud-native platform. Usually, these users have or aspire to have a career in engineering, product design or manufacturing industries and are beyond entry-level candidates. 

All Onshape subscribers can take the exam.

"As someone to whom CAD is both work and play, it was exciting to put myself to the test,” Evan Reese at Ovyl said. “As someone who hires other people, seeing Onshape Certified Professional on a resume would make a big difference.”

What’s Covered in the Exam?

This certification verifies expertise of several different topics including:

  • Part modeling in an Onshape Part Studio: Sketching, Feature creation, Multi-part modeling, curves and surfaces

  • Assembling parts: Mating parts, Defining motion in an assembly, Making edits, In-context design

  • Data Management: Versioning, Branching & Merging, Linked Documents, Sharing and collaborating, Importing and exporting

  • Mobile: Understanding how to use Onshape on a mobile device

  • General Settings: Document page, Account settings, Mobile use

The exam consists of two sections:

  • Modeling section (50 points/10 questions)

  • Knowledge-based section (50 points/50 questions)

How Much Does It Cost to Get Onshape Certified?

The Professional exam costs $100 per attempt. Discounts are offered to users purchasing several exams in bulk. To inquire, please email

Does the Certification Expire or Need to Be Renewed?

No, the certificate doesn’t expire or need to be renewed. 

How Long Will the Exam Take?

The exam is timed with a maximum time of 3 hours.

What Score Do I Need to Pass?

Users who pass the exam with a score of 70% or greater will receive an electronic certificate with a badge on the certificate and will be considered a Certified Onshape Professional.

What Resources Can I Use to Prepare for Certification?

The Onshape Learning Center can bolster your CAD knowledge with several courses composed of hundreds of bite-sized videos and guided hands-on exercises to help teach best practices and tips and tricks for using different features and tools in Onshape. The Learning Center is home to the content needed to pass all Onshape exams. 

The test includes knowledge-based questions that were developed based on the best practices taught in the courses and instructor-led curriculum found in the Learning Center.

For the Certified Onshape Professional exam, we recommend you become a master of the topics in the following courses to develop a solid foundation of understanding key concepts: 

After completing these courses, and mastering the topics taught, you’ll have the right knowledge to pass the exam. But it is not necessary to complete these courses to take the exam and become a Certified Professional. 

You can also connect with other Onshape users during User Group meetings or in the Onshape Forum.

As an Employer, Should My Employees Be Onshape Certified?

Short answer: Why not?

In addition to providing users with a sense of satisfaction as a Certified Onshape Professional, the exam also provides employers with a uniform standard for skills-based assessment. Employers hiring Certified Onshape Professionals can be confident in their Onshape skills. The certification lets successful designers and engineers highlight their expertise in Onshape with current and prospective employers on their resume and on their personal LinkedIn page. 

If you’d like to use this exam for onboarding purposes and would like to purchase more than five certification exams, please inquire about bulk purchasing by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager or email

What's the Answer to the Social Media Question?

We asked you what a Mate Connector is. The answer? A local coordinate system.

If you got that right, then you just might be ready to take the exam!

Does Onshape Offer Other Certificates?

Yes, we offer a Certified Onshape Associate exam aimed toward entry-level engineers with a minimum of 35 to 50 hours of Onshape experience. The Associate exam is geared toward high school or college students who have just started their CAD journey.

We also provide hours of educational content in the Learning Center that builds important skills needed to get CAD work done, quickly and efficiently.