If you’re not already familiar with the Onshape App Store, it’s a central repository of partner apps which help you complete the engineering tasks that go beyond the typical design and documentation where Onshape shines. 

If you need advanced simulation, subtractive manufacturing, PLM, or just about any other solution, this should be the first place you go.  

That said, the goal of this article is to give a roundup of new, updated, and general partner application news, starting with a quick highlight reel:

Welcoming New Apps for Onshape  

ARbase Augmented Reality for Onshape

Have you or your users wanted to visualize your models in your environment? Whether to check form, fit, or to just get an understanding of the scale of your product, then this is the tool for you. With ARbase, you can unlock the power of augmented reality in your CAD workflow. Instantly create, edit and share augmented reality models from Onshape Part Studios and Assemblies. Full release coming soon, sign up for updates here

TraceParts 3D Design Library

This free app contains “hundreds of millions” of standard and supplier-certified 3D models. So the next time you need an off-the-shelf part, first check to see if it's in their database, and save time by inserting – rather than modeling – those parts/assemblies. Take a look at this Partner Spotlight to learn more.  

MKCad Library

If you’re a student, this tool is similar to TraceParts, but at a much different scale. It’ll add hundreds of parts related to the FIRST Robotics Competition. They’ve added these in a nifty extension which makes finding those wheels, sensors, bearings, and more, that much easier!    


*Technically, this surface modeling app is still in beta, but we added it for two reasons: 

  • Beta is drawing to a close

  • And it’s open to just about anyone

If you want to create complex surfaces that you can pass back and forth from Onshape in a directly integrated cloud solution, sign up for the beta today. For more information about Phi, read this Partner Spotlight

App Store Improvements 


This cloud-based Virtual Wind Tunnel has been available in the Onshape App Store for some time now, but recently they released a new “adjoint optimization” technology. What this means is that it’ll morph the shape of designs to meet targets such as minimizing drag, increasing downforce, or maximizing lift. See this Partner Spotlight to learn more. 


This app was released in October 2020, but it has seen so many improvements since then that you might not even recognize it. OneIPM provides an innovative way to view your product structure and version history, but where it really excels is in the tasks and project management for CAD and non-CAD users alike. Since its initial release, they’ve added:

  •    Project linking

  •    Revision and configuration support

  •    Customizable workflow states

  •    Task filtering and rich text editing

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve been making continual improvements to performance and UX. Try it for yourself! To keep up with OneIPM’s most recent developments, check out their blog

OnScale Solve

The OnScale team recently released their CFD solver, modal analysis, and a setup assistant, to help guide you through the process and point out issues. With these powerful additions, OnScale continues to introduce new capabilities at a rapid rate, but they’re not even close to being done. Their multi-physics solver – leveraging the limitless compute power of the cloud – is still slated to add dynamic simulation studies, nonlinear, and much more. Check out their website to see the full roadmap, and start learning OnScale Solve today. 

Other News

You may have noticed that RealityServer shows as “coming soon” in the Onshape App Store. As mentioned in the first video posted above, this is related to the acquisition of migenius by PTC, and the transition to move it from an app to an integrated technology within Onshape. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hopefully the finished product will be worth the wait! 

We hope this “What’s New” update helps you discover engineering solutions that make your business and team more effective. If you have any questions, feedback, or app requests, please reach out to the Onshape Partner team at: onshape-developer-relations@ptc.com