This year we were blessed with a new version of Batman played by Robert Pattinson. 

Before the movie debut of “The Batman,” a flurry of articles were published that debated whether the DC Comic character is becoming too broody and dark (literally and figuratively), along with Batman rankings from almost every publication on earth.

The inundation of Batman-related articles got me thinking: Would Batman use Onshape?

We know Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, is a superhero without superpowers, like X-ray vision, telekinesis or superhuman strength. To fight crime in Gotham City, he relies on intellect, fighting skills, billions of dollars and an unending array of helpful gadgets.

He uses the Batmobile to make quick escapes, the Batarang to knock out foes, a grappling gun to travel nimbly through the city, and the Bat Suit with a decked-out utility belt. 

Who makes these things? According to the Batman Wiki, the development of these products comes from teams within Bruce Wayne's enterprises, with the guidance of business manager Lucius Fox. Plus, the Batcave serves as a fabrication workshop for tool maintenance. So, do these internal R&D teams, along with Batman himself, use Onshape?

I say, yes, if they care about accessing designs from anywhere, securing IP and iterating products. Here are three reasons why.

Access Everywhere for On-the-Go Design

The Batcomputer in the Batcave is one of the most powerful supercomputers in the Gotham world. 

Developing designs would be an easy feat with that hardware. But the Batcomputer isn’t mobile. 

If Batman or Robin needed to check in to make a final design decision, they could do it from anywhere with Onshape. The cloud-native platform is accessible on any device, on any browser.

Onshape design inspired by the Batmobile

Configurations Speed Up Batarang Production

Configurations are a bane for any CAD user – except for Onshape users. 

With Onshape, designing Batarangs with different dimensions and accessories is streamlined and can speed up the manufacturing of this reliable throwing weapon. Configurations in Onshape eliminates the rows and rows of configuration tables and lets users change the parameters of a design from within the platform, in real time. 

IP Kept Safe from Villians 

Batman probably has some of the most unique gadgets and gizmos of any superhero.

The design of these tools has to be protected in order to stay ahead of the bad guys. Onshape would be the ideal CAD system in this regard because of the extra precautions placed around securing intellectual property.

Even if someone within Wayne Enterprises begins to abuse their access to sensitive design data, others on the team can take away permissions quickly and lock out potential bad actors. 

Batman as an Engineer

According to the Batman Wiki, Bruce Wayne holds five degrees: criminal science, forensics, computer science, chemistry and engineering. It would be a safe assumption to say he has a hand in the design of every piece of technology and helps create the tools that would help him get the upper hand on foes.

Which brings me to the question, what other superhero has this kind of engineering knowledge? Perhaps in the next blog, we can discuss Spider-Man’s web-shooters and Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. 

For now, check out what Onshape can do for your and your team.

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