XING Mobility, a Taiwan-based provider of electric motors and batteries for trucks, busses, boats and construction equipment, has chosen Onshape as its primary CAD system. XING uses its off-road supercar, race car, and commercial truck prototypes as “mobile R&D laboratories” to develop and test new electric powertrain technologies for its clients.

“From a design standpoint, our battery packs involve complex assemblies with 7,000 to 8,000 components that are replicated and patterned in quite specific ways,” says Azizi Tucker, CTO of XING Mobility. “We have three different engineering teams working on battery design and Onshape’s built-in data management helps us prevent any version control issues.”

“When we were working in our previous CAD system, we were dealing with people sometimes designing things around the wrong version,” he adds. “We used to spend about 50% of our design time on file management. With Onshape, that’s history.”

Onshape’s real-time data management eliminates the need for a PDM system to prevent colleagues from overwriting each other’s work. Whenever someone makes an edit or change to a CAD model, everyone else on the design and manufacturing team instantly sees it. Everyone who logs into an Onshape Document is always on the latest version.

“XING Mobility pays as much attention to style and performance as it does to the environment,” says Onshape CEO Jon Hirschtick. “We’re proud to partner with XING as it truly changes the way we think about transportation.”

Founded in Taipei in 2015, XING Mobility is an electric vehicle powertrain systems company empowering any and every vehicle maker to go electric. XING Mobility innovates advanced energy storage and electric drive technology using the development of extreme-performance race cars and supercars as their R&D platform. By leveraging Taiwan's extensive industrial supply chain, XING Mobility's mission is to provide tightly integrated electric powertrains to the world's commercial and industrial vehicle makers.

You can see the company’s MISS R supercar in action in the video below:

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Beyond improving communication between his internal engineering teams, Tucker says he also notices the positive impact Onshape is having on XING’s customers.

“Because we’re designing full powertrain systems for other companies, these customers really depend on us to design the heart of their vehicles,” he says. “Tight coordination between the XING team and our customers is essential, so being able to share CAD models in real time is very valuable. Our customers have been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of our service as a result.”

“With our old CAD system, we had to email Zip files back and forth and it got quite messy with version control,” Tucker adds. “As our company grows, Onshape has made it so much easier for me to manage our different engineering groups and review their progress in real time.”