Build complex families of parts and assemblies with independent tables for each configuration option, dramatically reducing the number of rows and cells that is typical of a spreadsheet-style approach to configuration management. Unique configuration variables enable infinite product variations. Each configuration can be revision controlled independently with Onshape's Release Management tools.
CAD Configurations within Onshape

Configure any Input

Configure any feature, dimension, part property, parameter value or selection set in a Part Studio and any mate, part or part configuration in an Assembly. Configuring selections reduces the need to model every possible permutation in advance. Custom features created using FeatureScript can also be configured providing limitless possibilities. Independent inputs make selection of the required configuration simple when inserting Parts into an Assembly.

Assembly Configurations

Assembly configurations are built in the same way as Part configurations. Use independent inputs to drive mates, mate connector definitions, part instances and patterns, as well as drive configurations within the parts inserted into the assembly.

"Onshape allows us to keep everything much more organized without needing a PDM system. Onshape probably cuts our design time in half because we’re designing our parts together in one place versus flipping back and forth between files. We can make changes without worrying about breaking the assembly."

Philip Taber
VP of Hardware Engineering, Silverside Detectors

"Getting accurate part information to our engineers, designers, management and the manufacturing vendor is crucial. Previously, out-of-sync information had led to incorrect parts being manufactured. Onshape now enables us to share information quickly and ensures that everything is as accurate and as up-to-date as possible. "

Owen Long
Engineering Ops Manager, Universal Logic

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