Custom Features

Use custom features created by the Onshape community, or write your own with FeatureScript: the same programming language used by Onshape developers to develop all native Onshape features.

Selected Custom Features


Automate the geometric simplification of imported electrical components attached to a single PCB.

Extend Surface

This custom feature extends existing surface bodies.


This custom feature creates structural steel frames.

Port Feature

This custom feature creates SAE J1926 straight thread ports.


These custom features create Aerofoils from NACA 4 digit standard or any Aerofoil in the UIUC Aerofoil Database, loft between them and then break the created wing into structural components.

Radiate Surface

This custom feature creates a surface that originates from a selection of edges, and is always parallel to a selected plane.

Ray Tracer

This custom feature simulates a ray of light reflecting off objects and refracting through them.

Spur Gear

This custom feature creates mathematically correct spur gears with optional center bore hole and keyway.


This custom feature creates wire bundles that go through sketch points in 3D space.

Start Using
Custom Features

You can immediately make use of the many custom features already written by adding them to your feature toolbar. Just follow these easy steps:

•  Click the "+" icon in the far right of the toolbar
•  Click the "FeatureScript Samples" filter in the "Add custom features" dialog
•  Select a Document and choose the feature to add. An icon will be added to the toolbar
•  Select the icon in the toolbar

FeatureScript has been designed with security in mind. To protect you, FeatureScript runs in a tight sandbox and limits the impact of the feature to the Part Studio in which it is used.


Write Your Own
Custom Features

Want to create your own custom feature? Custom features can be written within Onshape Feature Studios. A Feature Studio is an integrated development environment built right into Onshape, complete with a powerful editor, in-line help, and documentation. You can even view, copy, and adapt the source code for Onshape's native features!

For more information, see the FeatureScript documentation and visit the community forum.