Onshape API Integration

Securely and seamlessly connect Onshape with your critical business processes in the cloud through an open integration (API) framework.

Onshape API Integration

Connecting product design data to enterprise release-and-change processes as well as downstream sales and operations processes is critical to businesses of all sizes.  Real-time bidirectional connectivity guarantees that all systems and stakeholders are provided with the most up-to-date design data when they need it.

Onshape was built from the ground up to be a modern cloud-native system. It is designed with a very rich REST API that enables integration at every level of the program.  Onshape’s API integration is robust, easy-to-use and secure with tested, documented and proven methodologies for integrating with any system.

Start your integration today at the Onshape Developer Portal, or reach out via: onshape-developer-relations@ptc.com.

Key Features

Cloud-Connected Business Processes

Agile product development demands technology that can connect people, processes and data for real-time collaboration.

Only with Onshape can you connect your CAD platform in the cloud to essential systems like ERP, PLM and more to improve the operational efficiency of your organization.

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Open, Rich and Robust REST API

With proven and well tested methodologies, Onshape provides a robust integration framework for connecting systems to Onshape through secure REST APIs using industry standards for secure authentication.

Automation is provided through events and web hooks that enable data to be pulled from Onshape when various events occur - such as initiating a release in Onshape.

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Try It Out

Try it yourself. Browse available APIs, test them out and review the data that is returned from CAD.onshape.com using Onshape’s Glassworks API Explorer.

Onshape provides complete and detailed documentation for all Onshape users, from setting up security through automation with web hooks to complete usage of the Onshape REST API.

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Onshape Integration Guide

Onshape’s API is well documented, including an Integration Guide enabling any partner to be up and running with proven methodologies for all common integration scenarios.

Common integration scenarios provide a step-by-step guide to quickly connect your business processes to Onshape, and to deploy them successfully to your users. Code samples are provided in Python, JavaScript and C/C++, enabling developers to get started quickly.

The Onshape Integration Guide explains why Onshape is different than legacy CAD and PDM/PLM systems – covering basic concepts and integration code samples – and explains how this affects the integration between these systems.

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Onshape’s Github Site

There is nothing like a predefined sample of how to implement security or communicate with Onshape’s APIs to get an integration partner started on the right foot. Onshape’s Github site provides common integration and automation samples that are well documented and will get even novice programmers up and running quickly.

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Onshape App Store

Onshape’s App Store hosts many successful examples of API integration from our partners, including Apps for Design, Simulation, Manufacturing and much more.

The Onshape App Store provides a unique marketplace where millions of Onshape users can one-stop shop for solutions.

Learn more about Onshape’s Open API for cloud-native integrations

Support is available for integration partners or customers wishing to integrate their software with Onshape.
Please contact us at api-support@onshape.com.

Got Questions?

Visit the Developer Community or App Store Community on the Onshape Forum.

Onshape uses industry standard authentication protocols for enabling trust between disparate systems. Utilizing either API keys or the OAuth2 standard for authentication, Onshape enables secure and encrypted bidirectional communication between authenticated systems.

Between the detailed documentation and sample applications, Onshape makes it easy to get started setting up an integration using the REST API. Full samples of connecting disparate systems through a secure interface can be found in both the documentation, the methodology guides and the sample applications.

There are no restrictions on which programming languages can be used for connecting Onshape to other systems. Samples are provided in Python, NodeJS, Java and C#. Since Onshape’s APIs are made as a web call, any language can be used for integration.

Yes, Onshape’s API enables the automatic generation of any derivative translated file. Onshape has a very robust API for generating translations and sending them to a specified location for use in other data management applications or for downstream manufacturing processes.

Onshape prides itself on providing very timely support for all API-related enquiries. When the detailed documentation doesn’t provide an answer, our API Support team can be reached via api-support@onshape.com.

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