Onshape Live 2023

If you missed Onshape Live 23, catch up here with our on-demand replays.

Keynote Presentations

The Onshape State of the Union: Reflections on Our Biggest Year Ever, and a Look Ahead

Last year witnessed some of Onshape’s most significant changes, both in terms of platform enhancements and covering brand new areas of functionality. Join David Katzman, Senior Vice President at PTC and General Manager of Onshape, for an exciting look back at 2022 and a glimpse ahead at the future.

The Onshape Journey: A Perspective View

Join Onshape founder and PTC Chief Evangelist Jon Hirschtick as he reflects on Onshape’s original mission, the progress we’ve made -- particularly in 2022, and the opportunity for even more progress in 2023 and beyond. Onshape has always measured its success through the eyes of its users and not merely new software features. Jon will share what he is observing in his meetings with product developers including the recurring “three A’s” of 2023 – Agile Product Development, Additive Manufacturing, and Augmented Reality. Although Onshape’s cloud-native CAD and PDM have already dramatically changed the way products are designed and manufactured, there still remains much to be achieved.

R&D Sneak Peek 2023

The Onshape development team never rests, delivering new features and functionality every three weeks. But these improvements don’t happen randomly. Join Vajrang Parvate, Senior Vice President at PTC and Head of R&D for Onshape, for a candid look at what enhancements are coming up in the near and long-term future. The presentation will wrap up with a live audience Q&A session.

Breakout Sessions for Professionals & Makers

CAM Studio

Onshape is the first to unify CAD design with CAM engineering fully in the cloud– all with built-in versioning and data management. Get a first glimpse of how Onshape’s upcoming CAM Studio will help you plan, visualize and simulate CNC machining from 2.5-axis all the way through full 5-axis.

Onshape in the Enterprise, From Evaluation to Success

Learn how these companies went from their initial discovery of Onshape to where they are today in production, and all the steps in between. During this panel discussion, our guest speakers from Jabil, Duraline, and Hasbro will provide a roadmap for a successful transition to Onshape.

Tips & Tricks to Drive Onshape Performance

Onshape experts, including a world champion CAD designer, share the best tips and tricks used to optimize Onshape performance. Their advice will include how to take advantage of interactive features and advanced capabilities, as well as best practices for Onshape Document management.

Getting the Most Out of Onshape's Built-in PDM

Even the simplest design projects require a PDM system to maintain, organize, and disseminate data across the team. This session highlights how you can leverage Onshape’s advanced built-in PDM tools for a more reliable and stable design-to-manufacturing process.

Reimagining Your Processes with Agile Product Development – A Fireside Chat

The software development world has long thrived using agile methodologies, but these same best practices are also applicable to hardware products. Hear the experiences of engineering leaders from Amphenol, Plasmonics, and Autonomous Solutions that recently incorporated agile processes into their hardware development – with stellar results.

Simulation in Onshape: Why FEA now Means “Fast, Easy, and Accurate”

In this session, you’ll learn how Onshape’s built-in FEA is Fast, Easy and Accurate. You’ll also hear from Nic Perrin, founder of Perrinn Racing, who will demonstrate how Onshape Simulation helps guide his team toward faster success – both in the lab and on the track.

Data Migration is Not as Painful as You Might Think

When considering the move to a new CAD platform, how should you approach your existing legacy data? In this session, we’ll candidly chat with an Onshape customer about the thought process and considerations during their initial migration.

Improving Supplier Collaboration with Onshape and Arena PLM

So you created a great product design in Onshape – now what? Hear from PLM experts why Arena is the natural extension to Onshape when it comes to realizing your product.

Tips & Tricks for Advanced Surfacing

In this session, Onshape expert Michael LaFleche and consumer products design expert Vince Haley will demonstrate how to use Onshape’s unique multi-part, hybrid modeling approach to improve the aesthetics and manufacturability of a popular consumer product. 

Breakout Session for Students and Educators

What's New in Onshape for Education

Onshape is seeing significant growth in the EDU space and is now a major player in STEM/Engineering education in both K-12 and university classrooms. In this session, you’ll hear about new learning resources available to students and educators, explore newly released features specific to education, and get a sneak peek of what is coming next.

Academic Research & Innovative Teaching with Onshape

Beyond enabling agile product development processes, Onshape's cloud-native architecture is also facilitating new methodologies for academic research and innovative teaching. This session will highlight how academic researchers are using FeatureScript and Onshape’s REST API to automate workflows and enterprise analytics to understand how design teams work together. 

Onshape for Student Teams and Competitions

High school and collegiate teams worldwide are switching to Onshape and experiencing the benefits of cloud-native CAD & PDM in their design process. In this session, we will highlight how to import previous designs, divide work effectively, and model collaboratively. We will also show you practical use cases from successful teams.

Onshape Design Contest Winners

Join us as we announce the winners of the third annual Onshape Design Competition! This year we partnered with Battlebots team “Midnight Invention” to bring you a contest challenging contestantsto design a new weapon system for the robot “Switchback.” Winning designs will be revealed and showcased. Find out who will be awarded the coveted Onshape Championship belt!

Image of BattleBot Switchback by Team Midnight Invention
The Onshape Live ’23 Design Challenge: Build a BattleBot Weapon
Designing a BattleBot weapon system was at the core of this year’s Onshape Live ’23 Design Competition. See who took home the top prize.