PLM Integrations & Partners

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can be a daunting subject. To manage the seemingly infinite details that go into a product's life --from inception, through manufacturing, to disposal-- seems impossible, but it's not! This is because every step of the way is managed incrementally, in a PLM software. 

Cloud PLM tools enable teams to work together, no matter where they are in the world, without any data replication. This guarantees that everyone will be working off the latest revision at every step, and no implementation is needed because secure access is managed via browser-based software.

Click here to learn what the Onshape app store has to offer, when it comes to Data Management and PLM.

Partner Spotlight - Arena

Arena PLM helps you keep track of the latest product design, engineering changes and quality information throughout a products lifespan for all your internal teams and manufacturing partners. Now available to all Onshape Enterprise Customers is the Onshape-Arena Connection. Arena is not available in the app store, so contact us to experience the benefits of cloud-connected CAD and PLM today.

The Onshape-Arena Connection helps you find information faster with links that navigate you quickly between the CAD and PLM platforms. Onshape CAD thumbnails are automatically generated in Arena PLM for context, and you can navigate with 1-click from Arena to Onshape to view, comment or edit the full 3D model. Part numbers can be sourced from Arena PLM directly into Onshape, and you can navigate between CAD and PLM as you select stock parts and create, revise, and release assemblies to manufacturing. Learn more about Arena and the Onshape-Arena Connection