Onshape Simulation Apps

Running simulations has the potential to dramatically alter the course of a product's lifetime. The benefits of these simulations can be realized at nearly every step in the process. Prototyping cycles can be shorted, thanks to virtual testing completed in software. Lead times can be cut when selecting different, more readily available materials. Product performance can be improved with optimization, while costs go down. And even after a product is delivered, simulation will continue to pay dividends with increased reliability --and with that-- customer satisfaction. It’s no wonder that engineers and designers want to test their products any way they can.  

The Onshape app store opens up a wide variety of simulation types and test cases. Go far beyond structural analysis, and test for thermal, electrical, and fluid interactions...or couple these to put your products through the most extreme conditions. With cloud solving, even the most intensive systems and tests can be completed within a reasonable timeframe, and these can be done in parallel, without the slightest of effect on your local machine. 

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Animation courtesy of SimScale