Rapidly analyze stress, deformation, and natural frequencies of parts and assemblies leveraging the power of cloud computing with Onshape.


Onshape Simulation is the easiest and fastest way to examine meaningful structural analysis results such as stress, displacement and natural frequencies, as you create and iterate in the Onshape design environment.

With simulation built into Onshape’s cloud-native architecture, you can build better quality products faster with mechanical feedback that stays in sync with your assembly throughout the product development process.

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Key Features

Accurate Solver, Expert Guidance

Onshape Simulation supports linear static and modal analyses - the most fundamental tools in a structural analyst's toolbox. Expert mechanical guidance is now available for you to use early and often in the design process.

Design better products faster as you interactively visualize stress, deformation, and natural frequencies to ensure designs meet their factors of safety and avoid mechanical resonance.



Easier to Get Started

Onshape delivers simulation in the assembly environment, so you can easily simulate full assemblies, not just parts. Assembly mates – such as fastened, revolute, slider and more – automatically translate into simulation kinematics, dramatically simplifying your FEA analysis while ensuring an accurate physical representation of your assembly.

Onshape Simulation is easy and efficient for full assembly analysis and does not require defeaturing or meshing. You can apply loads and constraints directly to either full parts or individual part faces.

Faster Results, Faster Decisions

Be agile and get to a final design faster, change your assembly configuration, modify a part or update a global variable and without any additional effort simulation results refresh automatically.

Seamlessly switch between visualizing stress analysis results and editing your part in the context of your CAD assembly allowing you to iterate quickly with informed mechanical guidance.



Unified Experience

Simulation is built into the familiar Onshape Assembly environment and directly uses the full assembly's parts, materials and mates offering a unified and efficient FEA experience.

As part of your Onshape Document, simulations are version controlled with built-in product data management (PDM) and can be securely shared instantly with other users for better collaboration and better decisions.

Cloud-Native Simulation

Onshape Simulation is a unique, proprietary, and cloud-native approach to finite element analysis (FEA), offering designers the ability to perform and share structural analysis from any web browser, anytime and anywhere.

Simulations are part of your Onshape Document, making it easy to leverage high-performance cloud computing for fast and interactive FEA – without leaving your design environment or requiring any specialized hardware.


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Got Questions?

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Onshape Simulation supports structural linear static and modal analyses - offering stress, strain, natural frequency, and mode shape calculations. These tools help guide designers in determining where mechanical failure will occur, either under static or dynamic loading, and where excess material weight can be trimmed.

Onshape Simulation helps to automate the analysis setup based on the existing status of Assembly Mates, which determine the physical relationship between assembly components (such as fixed, slider or revolute). Onshape Simulation also delivers visual feedback to the user on an assembly's rigidity, helping to identify where a model is constrained and the degrees of freedom.

Onshape Simulation does perform finite element analysis, though the approach and implementation are unique to our proprietary technology.

Onshape Simulation is built into Onshape, so simulation occurs using the assembly you already know how to create. Onshape Simulation is not a separate, abstracted or simplified finite element analysis model. Onshape Simulation is interactive and adaptive, using cloud computing to give users very fast visual previews of an assembly's behavior while still running to refine the analysis for accurate results.

Onshape Simulation is powered by TrueSOLIDTM, an advanced technology which became part of PTC’s intellectual properties through the Frustum Inc. acquisition in November 2018. Read the press release.

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“Using Onshape Simulation made design decisions easier and our whole development process more efficient. Simulation results refreshed quickly with every design change giving us guidance on dimensions, materials and hole locations. We were able to reduce the number of physical prototypes we needed and were able to identify where we could reduce material weight and cost faster. With Onshape Simulation we were able to start production faster.”

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