The Dead Weight of
File-Based CAD and PDM

This year, take a vacation from your CAD and PDM issues. Product design professionals waste almost one day per week dealing with issues related to traditional file-based CAD and PDM.*

6 Ways You're Wasting Time

1.3 hrs

Rework & lost or corrupted data.

1.3 hrs
Version Control

What file is this?

1.1 hrs
Collaboration Frustration

Emails and PDFs go back and forth.

.8 hrs
Software Updates

No work is possible.

1.7 hrs
File Chaos

Files checked in/out or locked.

.9 hrs
Dealing with Data

Backing up or restoring data.

Put down the burden of 7.1 hours worth of weekly hassle - and start now to design better products faster.

Start your next project with cloud-native Onshape.

*State of Product Development & Hardware Design 2023-24