6 Ways Onshape's Cloud-Native PDM System is Advancing Data Management

How does Onshape’s Cloud-Native PDM System Work?

Onshape’s built-in PDM provides all the power of a traditional file-based PDM system without the workflow hassles or costs of traditional PDM systems.

While PDM systems are an incremental improvement to the DIY management of design files, they are inherently plagued with the same challenges because they are still based on files. This introduces bottlenecks such as file check in/out, locking and corruption which slow down work productivity and restricts iteration. To make matters worse, there is no single source of truth for design data leading to version issues that can accidentally overwrite new design modifications and make it difficult to explore alternative design options. In addition to these issues, filebased systems are susceptible to security risks, leading to an increased chance of a company’s intellectual data being accessed by unauthorized users.

In order to address some of these aforementioned challenges, some file-based PDM systems are starting to integrate cloud capabilities (i.e. copying files to and from cloud servers); yet, these solutions fail to address traditional PDM’s fundamental problems.

However, Onshape’s fileless approach to PDM is built into its CAD platform, effectively removing the design bottlenecks that come with file-based PDM systems. Structured to always have only one single source of design truth, Onshape’s fileless architecture grants engineers and extended design teams improved design transparency, real-time access to data, and unparalleled security like never before.

The Benefits of Onshape’s Cloud-Native PDM System:

Save Time and Money

Adding on a PDM system to manage design data comes at a steep cost. These include purchasing server hardware, installations, upgrades and ongoing maintenance. The Onshape CAD system includes built-in PDM, eliminating the costs and time needed to maintain a PDM system.

No Files, No File Copies

Onshape’s cloud-native PDM stores all data in a database without any files, eliminating the issue of file duplicates. In Onshape, there is only one single source of truth for design data.

Data Access

Onshape’s PDM system allows access to data in real time with no blocking (meaning there is no need to check-in or check-out files) on any modern device.

Data Security

File-less data management removes the security risks that inherently come with design copies. In traditional design processes, many copies are created and multiplied by a number of users which can cause far reaching consequences for an organization (i.e. security breaches, data leaks, etc.).

Design Concurrently, Not Serially

In a waterfall or phase-gate hardware product process, there are typically a lot of serialized workflows due to lack of access and transparency of design data. Architected around a single source of truth, Onshape allows multiple users to work concurrently on a design.

No Data Loss

In the event of a system crash, Onshape users never lose any data. Onshape’s cloud-native PDM system keeps a record of design updates without the need for constantly saving design progress.

The need for a reliable, secure, and accessible data management system is paramount to the success of any company. Whether at home, work or on the go – Onshape allows users from any industry to build their products faster, cheaper, and easier without the limitations and headaches of traditional PDM systems.

Protect your most valuable asset, your data, with Onshape today!