Zero Surprise Bills

How cloud-native CAD and PDM help companies achieve Zero‑IT overhead, Zero‑Wasted time & Zero‑Worries.

The CAD industry's migration to cloud is well underway, helping manufacturers to move faster, collaborate better and streamline operations. While some companies are adopting agile processes, others haven’t even started their cloud journey yet.

Graphic showcasing cloud connectivity with the same Onshape model on multiple devices

Why Are Companies Shifting to the Cloud?

Why not? Improved reliability, scalability, security and accessibility are all persuasive enough reasons to move.

And here is one more. Lower Costs.

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There is a cost associated with doing nothing, a surprise bill as it were. Go to renew legacy CAD and PDM solutions and you’re likely to find confusing migration, licensing, and pricing information, along with IT administration costs and immature cloud solutions. The productivity loss for users during renewal? Part of that surprise bill.

Picking the correct cloud strategy is key. You'll get Zero-IT overhead, Zero-Wasted time and the best out of your design team and your software provider’s cloud benefits.

table showcasing the differences between cloud native and cloud storage systems

You want zero. According to the 2022-2023 State of Product Development and Hardware survey, engineering teams today using legacy CAD solutions are losing a third of their time to non-design related tasks.

That is not zero. Get to Zero.

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Zero worry. Infinite possibilities.

You deserve zero, and only cloud-native CAD and PDM can offer this many. Cloud-native product development software accelerates design workflows, makes CAD collaboration effortless, and eliminates the IT management hassles that waste precious design time. Forward-thinking companies are moving beyond restrictive rules and heavy processes to take their CAD and PDM to the cloud.

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Learn why Command Tooling Systems credits cloud-native Onshape for a 50-percent efficiency gain when working on custom manufacturing projects.