If you’ve been using SOLIDWORKS for years and managing your data in a vault, does the idea of migrating your data to the cloud make you shudder? Have your past decisions become a barrier to adopting new technology? 

It shouldn’t. 

With the help from Onshape’s partner app, Cassini, you can migrate terabytes of historical data without hassle, all while:

  • avoiding duplicates, 

  • preserving folder structure, 

  • and migrating the metadata/custom properties you painstakingly built up over the years.  

Even if your data is stored in a vault (as it should be!), Cassini will make this process simple. To get an idea how this works — and see how one Onshape subscriber has been using Cassini — watch the video below:

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How Does Cassini Work With Onshape?

Cassini fully integrates with Onshape as a connected desktop app. 

In three steps, data from SOLIDWORKS can clearly and easily migrate into Onshape. The first step is to prepare your data in the legacy PDM system, then map the data that will move over to Onshape, and finally migrate data in bulk or in increments. 

It is important to note that design features are not translated from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape. However, in the rare case where historical data needs editing, Onshape’s robust direct editing methods come to the rescue. 

In addition, drawings will be converted as viewable and editable DXFs. 

To see FAQs, learn more and/or schedule a demo on migrating data, visit the Cassini site.

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For more on the process of migrating your data from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape using Cassini, watch this webinar

Why Use Cassini to Migrate Data?

Still unsure of the best way to migrate your legacy data to Onshape? Here are some additional reasons to go with Cassini: 

  • Bulk migration from PDM vaults or simple folders

  • Elimination of duplicate parts

  • New versions in Onshape for updated files

  • Migration of custom properties

  • Create viewables of drawings (DXF) for parts and assemblies

  • Creation of Bill-of-Material (BOM)

  • Unattended mode for large datasets

  • Email notification with migration summary

What Else Can Cassini Do?

CEO and Founder Reddy Tera described the service succintingly.

“CassiniPLM is the next generation cloud in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) PLM that provides a unified platform for product development and realization for an entire lifecycle, from concept to customer, and beyond,” Tera said during an Onshape webinar.

CassiniPLM helps engineering, manufacturing and quality teams manage product development processes. For file management, the Cassini migration tool allows users to easily migrate legacy data to cloud-based CAD platforms, like Onshape. 

Ready to migrate? Watch the webinar Onshape Partner Webinar: SOLIDWORKS to Onshape Migration Made Easy to learn about the process.