Most of us use the Extrude feature every day. 

But how well do you know this most commonly used feature in Onshape?

Extrudes Can Be Simple…or Not

Extrusions are among the most frequently used features and are the foundation of most CAD models. But in Onshape, this commonly used tool is anything but common. Many powerful options are available. Here are a few examples:

  • Extruding a face requires no sketching

  • Extrusions need not be perpendicular to the sketch plane

  • Extrusions need not start at the sketch plane

  • Draft can be included in an extrude feature

Here is an example of all four of these options used in a single extrude feature. In this case, a new part (green) is created:

Options for the Extrude tool

  • The face of the blue part (orange highlight) is extruded without the need for a sketch

  • The extrude direction is set by the plane named Direction

  • The extrusion starts offset 1 inch from the face of the blue part

  • A 5-degree draft is applied via the Draft checkbox

This Tech Tip helped you learn some powerful options you can use today when creating extrusions in Onshape.

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