Today’s Tech Tip is quick, but one I still see seasoned users overlook from time to time.

There are several ways to filter and organize your Documents in Onshape. Folders and labels are the most commonly used, but you can also filter by team access. 

Engineering team

In the image above, the user has expanded the Teams filter on the left and selected the Engineering team. This action filters the Onshape Documents page to display only the folders and documents shared with the Engineering team.

A user who creates a team is automatically added to it, so in most cases, an administrator will be a member of every team. This can seem somewhat pointless since the administrator already has access to all Documents and folders anyway. However, using what we learned above can be a great way to “audit” a permission set for a specific team or simplify your navigation experience. 

In many cases, your Onshape administrator is also a designer. Rather than seeing everything, selecting a team filter makes it much easier for them to focus on their work, rather than seeing everything that exists in the organization. 

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