Assembling an arbor press is a great example of using Onshape mates and the Rack and Pinion relation. Let's take a look at the steps needed to assemble an arbor press in Onshape.

To get started, we need to insert an arbor press base and Fix it. You can find Fix by right clicking the part in the graphics or feature list.

Once the base is inserted, you can insert all the various parts of the assembly. Left click in the graphics to place them.

This assembly uses a number of Onshape's mates. Fastened mates can be used to attach the cover plate, bushing, and base plate. This will restrict motion in all directions and is a very fast way to place parts that do not move. Use a Revolute mate to locate the pinion gear in the base, and a Slider mate to locate the rack gear. To limit the range of motion for the rack gear, add mate limits by checking Limits and entering a minimum and maximum value. A Slider mate can also be used to mate the handle to the pinion gear.

After all the mates are in place, you can add the Rack and Pinion Relation. This will give your arbor press realistic motion.

Interested in taking a closer look? Check out the video below for a detailed walkthrough.

Video Thumbnail