Most designs include some form of off-­the-­shelf standard components, like bearings, motors, or actuators. And why not? They’re affordable, readily available from a multitude of suppliers, and you don’t need any in­-house resources or expertise to make them yourself.

Many supplier websites let you download their standard components as 3D models so you don’t have to waste time modeling them yourself and you can quickly check to see if they are fit for purpose.

However, not all supplier models come in a usable form; some are too detailed and some are just static models with no moving parts.

Luckily, the powerful Direct Editing toolset in Onshape lets you fix, modify, and add motion to any “less than perfect” supplier models – you can then quickly assemble, test, and verify that you’ve made the right choice.

Watch the video to see how easy this process is and start downloading your favorite supplier’s models today!

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