When updating a version in an assembly, you must pay attention to what’s being updated, as you may inadvertently update instances to the latest version without meaning to.

Reference manager

How to Pin a Reference

Pinning a reference ensures specific references do not update until you are ready. To pin a reference, right-click on an instance that references a version and select Pin Reference from the menu. 

Pin a reference

The version icon next to that part or assembly now displays a thumbtack. This indicates a pinned reference. 

Icon changes to a thumbtack

As new versions are available, the icon changes but does not display in blue.

Icon reflects changes

Opening the Reference Manager displays all instances with updates available except for the pinned references. When updating all references, the pinned instances are excluded.

Update to latest

Updating a Pinned Reference

To update a pinned reference, open the Reference Manager by selecting the version icon next to the pinned instance. Switch to Selective Update and update references as required.

Selective update

 To update multiple pinned references or the entire assembly at once, click on the update icon at the top of the graphics area, then switch to Selective Update. Check each box next to the instance you wish to update, then update as required.

Updating selected references

You may also pin references on a drawing. First, reference a version of the part or assembly. Expand the Sheets pane, then right-click on the reference and select Pin Reference from the menu. 

Pinned references

Updating is similar to an assembly, right-click on the drawing tab and select Update Linked Document. Switch to Selective Update and update as required.

Reference manager

How to Unpin a Reference

To unpin a reference, right-click on the thumbtack and select Unpin Reference. The instance now acts like any other version. If newer versions are available, the symbol updates accordingly.

Unpin reference

Pinning a reference is useful when you want to reference a specific version of a part or assembly and not worry about references when updates occur.

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This Tech Tip helped you learn how to prevent unintended updates from occurring when referencing a version and how to selectively update those pinned references. We have more resources for you to learn more about related features, like Linked Documents and Sharing Documents inside the Onshape Learning Center

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