Most engineers today use screenshot tools and emails to communicate about their designs. And much like emailing CAD files, emailing screenshots back and forth leaves a lot to be desired. With Onshape, we wanted to take a fresh look at not just how engineers design, but how they communicate with each other.

That’s why we created Onshape Comments.

You’ll find the Comment icon in the top right corner of the interface.

You can use Comments as a simple tool to store notes related to your design, but where they really shine is when working with others. Comments allow you to chat with others in real time in your Document (assuming you have given them permission to comment). No more attaching screenshots to emails and sending them back and forth.

You can even tag individual features, sketches, parts, mates, mate connectors and more with the “Add comment” command in the right-click menu.

This allows others to immediately identify what you are referring to. Not only can they see the feature you are talking about with a small icon, when they click it, it will take them to the same model orientation that the comment was created in.

Try Onshape Comments today and you’ll never email a screenshot again!